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October 24, 2011

Patton Stalled – 15th April 2012

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Patton Stalled – The Lorraine Campaign

A Doughboys Game held at Modern Airsoft Warfare, Melton Mowbray

Date: Sunday 15th April (Places to camp will be available Saturday night for our pre-game social)



Following the rapid drive across France, rolling up the German defenders before them, General George S Patton’s Third Army reaches Lorraine and, standing before the Maginot Line, it’s supplies of fuel run out.

Tanks grind to a halt before villages, mechanised columns pull up short of their objectives and the army stalls.

Not content to inactively await enough supplies to renew the offensive, Patton orders his infantry forward, to harry the defenders, find supplies and make damn sure they cannot ready themselves unopposed before the juggernaut begins its advance again.

On the other side of the Maginot Line, this delay was nothing short of a godsend. After reeling back through France the German First Army has been given precious time to reorganise and mount a defence of the fortresses long the border.

With precious few resources available, and new recruits declining in quality as time progresses, the Grenadiers of the Wehrmacht must keep back these probing Yankees to secure the breathing space vitally needed to prepare.


Player Requirements

Doughboys games operate with a command structure, you will be issued orders as units and are expected to carry them out. We expect players to marshal themselves to act appropriately and follow the rules of the game.

The sides for this game will be U.S. Infantry, vs Heer Infantry

The minimum player age is 18.

We will post up on the forum detailed weapons and kit guides for players which you are expected to adhere to. Please do read these and make sure that you will be happy and capable of adhering to them.


Patton Stalled will be held at Modern Airsoft Warfare. This 55 acre, old army weapons range, is made up of woodland, open areas, and over 15 buildings with over 25 rooms. It is just 2 miles west of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire.


Complete game information is on the WW2 Airsoft forum along with how to book: WW2 Airsoft forum – Patton Stalled game information



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