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December 28, 2011

Shoot ‘n’ Scoot new show room open

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Shoot ‘n’ Scoot have just opened their new shop/showroom up the A9 20 miles north of Perth.

Amongst the stock will be:
Napoleonic wars “flintsoft”
American Civil War,
Late Victorian/Empire
Wild West/Indian wars
Cold War

So perhaps not a totally airsoft only zone but hopefully a total airsoft and re enactment shopping experience from your boots to your gun and beyond. There’s new stock, just for the shop, and plenty of equipment on display including of course the custom, hand made, Airsoft weapons exclusive to Shoot ‘n’ Scoot.

Opening times are 10am until 5pm from Wednesday 28th December to Saturday 31st of December for the Grand Opening, after that it will be normally be open on Saturdays only, 10am to 5pm (other times by appointment).

For directions call them on 01796 482 582 or put PH9 0LH into your sat nav.
Shoot 'n' Scoot showroom
Shoot 'n' Scoot showroom


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