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Archive for June, 2011


Slings from Epic Militaria

WW2 Gun Slings – New repro US M1 Garand Webbing Sling, British Lee Enfield Rifle Sling and German K98 Sling in Light Tan Leather are now available from Epic. Quality reproduction German K98 (and MP44) rifle sling, made from l...
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New free online magazine – Warfare

Warfare is a new, completely free online publication, launched in May 2011 by Wharncliffe Publishing. Issue 1 of WARFARE is now available. Published every other month, each issue contains articles on major historical events, an...
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Marushin M1 Carbine – CO2

Spotted by greedo1980 is Marushin’s new CDX Series straight mag’d 6mm M1 Carbine. It uses a “environmentally friendly and economical” CO2 cartridge system said to give stable cold temperature operation a...
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German Helmets

Nothing says “Deutsche Soldat” quite like a good ol’ Stahlhelm. They keep the rain off, they stop you banging your noggin on tree branches and they make a good “ping” sound when a bb hits them. Helmets are expensive. ...
by BedsnHerts


KA Thompson stocks – in stock!

Hong Kon based UN Company www.uncompany.com have the King Arms Thompson wood kits and metal lower receivers in stock. King Arms Thompson Metal Lower Receiver Material: CNC machined Aluminium Suitable for King Arms M1A1 and M192...
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Thompson 1928 wood kit from Shoot and Scoot

Just announced – from Shoot and Scoot – is a new hand made hardwood three piece kit to fit onto your 1928 Thompson, priced at £125. Shipping time given as up to 10 days from ordering. www.shootnscoot.co.uk/1928a1-w...
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Heer ranks

Ranks of the Heer

For the WW2 airsofter who wants to put together a German impression the temptation to make yourself anything other than a private soldier is often too hard to resist. Although there are obviously no rules on which ranks you can...
by BedsnHerts


ARES and Zeta-Lab join forces

ARES statement: “Welcome Zeta Lab to become a part of ARES Airsoft company. This is a great opportunity that ARES will gain more knowledge on special feature which Zeta Lab could bring to us, and product range will be ext...
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Zeta-Labs Bren teaser

Hong Kong based Airsoft Panda have released an ambiguous teaser for the full steel and real wood Zeta-Lab Czech ZB-26 or British LMG, or possibly both. Details, such as they are: • Manufacturer: Zeta-Lab Product • Full Stee...
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