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Archive for July, 2011

ICS M3 Grease gun

ICS WW2 guns

Taiwanese ICS (I CHIN SHIVAN ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD.) are teasing further with a ‘coming soon’ message. Both the M3 Grease gun and M1 Garand are confirmed as AEG’s. The M3 can take a lipo through the end cap and u...
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Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle with PU scope

Zeta Lab (Ares) Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle with PU 91/30 scope now shipping
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Zeta Lab gas bolt for Mosin Nagant shown

jimmiroquai on the WW2 Airsoft forum reports Zeta-Lab videos of the replacement gas charge bolt for their Mosin Nagant, running at sub-500fps.
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Ares M3 Greaser available on pre-order

Ares M3 Greaser full-auto electric blow-back available on pre-order at 295USD
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Rhineland, the battle to end the war – 3rd September 2011

Our event sees a platoon of British infantry tasked with neutralizing the German defences surrounding the town and bridging their anti-tank ditch. To do this they will have to overcome minefields and a line of resistance that i...
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Last call for The Battle for Minsk

Just a few days to book for Gunman Airsoft's "The Battle for Minsk"
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ARES Classic line up

ARES have released a new illustration of their "Classic" WW2 guns line up...
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MP40 AK hop mod

This is how I do the AK hop mod and this is a guide to show you how it’s done. Please read the whole guide before picking up a single tool or buying parts. If you don’t feel confident doing the mod then by all means...
by kalashnikov_kid


New M1 Garand teaser

RedWolf Airsoft are currently teasing on Facebook. “Guess what brand. Will tell you the answer tomorrow.” they say! www.facebook.com www.redwolfairsoft.come Update: Yith on the WW2 Airsoft UK forum spots that it car...
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