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The 2nd South Staffords was part of the 1st Airlanding Brigade and was deployed into battle by Glider. They took part in the Sicily landings and later in the doomed assault on Arnhem during Operation Market Garden.

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• Maroon Airborne Beret. Large 10 ½ inch dia WW2 version. Unshaped: SoF (pictured) – £20
• South Staffordshire Regiment cap badge backed with Hessian cloth: SoF – £4


• Repro 1st or 2nd Pattern Denison Smock (2nd pattern pictured, but 1st pattern preferred): SoF, R (pictured), WPG – £60
• Repro 40 Pattern Serge Battledress trousers (note that there is also a blouse under the Denison smock, but since it is not visible it is not an essential item): SoF (pictured), WPG – £85 for the set


• Ammo Boots: SoF, WPG (reproduction), SS (pictured) – £50
• Black leather boot laces (4ft long): SoF, WPG – £2.50
• Gaiters: SoF (repro), SS (pictured) – £10


All 37 Pattern with brass fittings: SS, SoF, WPG, S&S
• belt – £15
• 2x universal pouches (brass popper fitting) – £8 each
• 2x webbing braces – £3 each
• Small pack – £15
• 2x L-Straps (left and right) – £3 each
• bayonet frog – £5
• entrenching tool (cover + haft + blade) – £20
• water bottle and skeleton cradle (sleeve type more appropriate) – £10
• All the above are coated with KG3 Blanco: S&S, SJ – £10 per block (this is getting very rare though).


• Sten MkV AEG: S&S – £470
• No4 Bayonet: SoF – £5
• Sten Sling: SS, SoF – £3


• Post war British rubberised ground sheet (wartime ones were the same but khaki) – £5
• Late war respirator case and respirator – £20
• Toggle Rope: SoF, WPG – £15
• Camouflage Scarf/ Face Veil: WPG, SoF – £6
• Jack knife/clasp knife on string lanyard from epaulette: SoF – £10
• Shell Dressing hung from epaulette (not often done): SoF, WPG – £3


All prices are approximate. Also try Militaria Fairs – they can contain some real bargains. Many of the items pictured were bought at Militaria fairs. Where no retailer is mentioned in the list above its best to try buy at a fair.

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Text by Yith
Photography by Chomley-Warner