British No2 Commando

Basis of impression

No2 Commando were one of the Army Commando units set up in WW2 and were disbanded after WW2. They were not associated with the Royal Marines like the current British Commandos are.
The uniform for No2 commando is very flexible and could include such items as the denison smock. The version shown here has been chosen to show the distinctive parts of the No2 commando kit, eg: insignia, beret and bergen


• Green Commando Beret. Large 10½ inch dia WW2 version. Unshaped SoF – £20
• No 2 Commando OR cap badge (no SS on it) mounted on a piece of black felt: £5


• Repro 37 Pattern Serge Battledress trousers and blouse: SoF (pictured), WPG, (Replicaters pictured) – £100-200 for the set
• No2 Commando shoulder titles and combined operations patch: ML, DP, SoF
• Leather Jerkin – £20+


• Ammo Boots: SoF, WPG (reproduction), SS (pictured) – £50
• Black leather boot laces (4ft long): SoF, WPG – £2.50
• Gaiters: SoF (repro), SS (pictured) – £10


All 37 Pattern with brass fittings: SS, SoF, WPG, S&S
• belt – £15
• 2x universal pouches (brass popper fitting) – £8 each
• 2x webbing braces – £3 each
• Small pack – £15
• 2x L-Straps (left and right) – £3 each
• bayonet frog – £5
• entrenching tool (cover + haft + blade) – £20
• water bottle and skeleton cradle (sleeve type more appropriate) – £10
• All the above are coated with KG3 Blanco: S&S, SJ – £10 per block (this is getting very rare though).
• Commando Bergen (original) £20 – £80


• Thompson M1928 (Marui with CAW conversion kit. Now discontinued)
• Enfield Sling: SS, SoF – £3
• No2 MkI Enfield Service Revolver (PFC kit by Marushin) – £60 (For an airsoft alternative try the Tanaka M10 Military and Police – £150)
• Revolver lanyard: SJ, SoF – £8


• Khaki British rubberised ground sheet (postwar green ones are easier to find) (hung under bergen) – £20
• Late war respirator case and respirator – £20
• Toggle Rope: SoF, WPG – £15
• Camouflage Scarf/ Face Veil: WPG, SoF – £6


All prices are approximate. Also try Militaria Fairs – they can contain some real bargains. Many of the items pictured were bought at Militaria fairs. Where no retailer is mentioned in the list above its best to try buy at a fair.

Key to retailers

S&S Shoot n Scoot
SoF Soldier of Fortune
WPG What Price Glory
SS Sabre Sales
SJ Sentimental Journey

Text by Yith
Photography by Chomley-Warner