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ICS Garand update

WWII airsofters are appalled that 8mm appears to be the chosen calibre for the new ICS M1 Garand due to be launched later in 2012. But confusion reigns - built using an M14-style gearbox indicates a 6mm rifle.
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Shoot ‘n’ Scoot new show room open

Shoot 'n' Scoot have just opened their new shop/showroom 20 miles up the A9 north of Perth. Opening times are 10am until 5pm from Wednesday 28th December to Saturday 31st of December for the Grand Opening, after that it will be...
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Zeta-Lab’s Gas Kar98k

Zeta-Lab have shown pictures on their blog of their gas rifle, to be supplied mid-April 2012 for the remarkable cost of just 160USD. It features a VSR-10 hop-up bucking, VSR-10 inner barrel, and a high flow nozzle with adjustab...
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Lee Enfield No. 4 from KTW

KTW Co Ltd announce their bolt action No. 4 at a rather eye-watering £1075 (¥134,400). Specifications: Length: 1130mm Weight: 3.2kg Number of rounds: 13 Power: Air Cocking bolt (assumed to mean spring powered ra...
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Stalingrad: City of Fire – event cancelled

Army Group South’s “Stalingrad: City of Fire” event scheduled for 4th February 2012 has sadly been cancelled due to loss of the site. The team are busy arranging a new scenario at a new site, hopefully on the ...
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ICS M3 Grease gun

ICS WW2 guns

Taiwanese ICS (I CHIN SHIVAN ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD.) are teasing further with a ‘coming soon’ message. Both the M3 Grease gun and M1 Garand are confirmed as AEG’s. The M3 can take a lipo through the end cap and u...
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Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle with PU scope

Zeta Lab (Ares) Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle with PU 91/30 scope now shipping
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Zeta Lab gas bolt for Mosin Nagant shown

jimmiroquai on the WW2 Airsoft forum reports Zeta-Lab videos of the replacement gas charge bolt for their Mosin Nagant, running at sub-500fps.
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Ares M3 Greaser available on pre-order

Ares M3 Greaser full-auto electric blow-back available on pre-order at 295USD
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