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The Longest Day – 21/23 Nov 2014

June 6th Omaha Beach 1000hrs. After days of delays and hours of waiting, General Eisenhower’s invasion of Europe has begun...
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Foy – 21st/23rd March 2014

Foy - The Ardennes: On the 19 December 1944 a surprise attack from the Germans hit the Allied lines in and around the Ardennes forest, leaving a huge Bulge and Allied troops cut off and surrounded. This Scenario will feature du...
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Hells Highway – 29th Nov/1st Dec 2013

Kampfgruppe Walther holds it position covering the road and awaits reinforcements due in the morning. It is blocking the main road by fire preventing any allied traffic from moving and causing serious delays to the allied advan...
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Monte la Difensa

Monte La Difensa – 10/11th August 2013

In November 1943 General Mark Clark's U.S. 5th Army was readying an offensive on the mountains below Monte Cassino. The Germans had fortified the chain of heights north-east from Camino-Difensa halfway across Italy as an additi...
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Chambois 15/16th June 2013

Chambois – 15/16th June 2013

August. 1944. The German 7th Army finds itself in a critical position. With General Patton swinging to their south, racing past their positions, a renewed push by the Canadian Army from the north threatens to cut of the entire ...
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Kölner Dom - The battle for Cologne Cathedral

Kölner Dom – 17th February 2013

March 1945. A U.S Armoured Group destroy a German Panther outside Cologne Cathedral. Afterwards, sporadic sniper fire is received from the lower areas and cellars of the Cathedral. A Small U.S Assault Force of Volunteers is s...
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Fist of Dust game changes

Due to a many requests we have decided to run 'Fist of Dust' as a one day event on Saturday 17th December with a reduced price of £35. There will still be a social on the Friday and Sat night. Hope this help us get the numbers...
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The Visit of Hauptmann Horn – April 2011

Saturday 2nd April 2011 To be held at IED’s Hay on Wye site Scenario 10th May 1941 As the war drags on in the Desert on the afternoon of 10th May a disillusioned Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess said goodbye to his wife and youn...
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Il Giogo Pass – June 2011

A game involving British 1st Infantry Div. and. Heer & Fallschirmjäger. Italy, Sept 1944. Date: Saturday, 18th June 2011 Venue: Spec Ops Airsoft, Portland, Dorset. Organised by Army Group South Price: £45
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