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2012 events
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Sevastopol - 4th February 2012

An AGS event to be held at UCAP's sandpit site, Dartford, Kent

Topics: 40  |  Posts: 797

How was it for you, ...

Arnhem - 17-18th March 2012

Gunman D-Day series weekender event to be held at GMA Eversley, Hampshire

Topics: 29  |  Posts: 448

how was it for you a...


Patton Stalled - 15th April 2012

A Doughboys game to be held at MAW Airsoft, Melton Mowbray

Topics: 24  |  Posts: 412

How was it for you?

Joseph Porta

The Corridor of Death - 26th May 2012

to be held at Elite Action Games, Worthing

Topics: 20  |  Posts: 347

Was it like this?


Le Chateau: Operation Dirty Dozen - 3rd June 2012

An Oddball event to be held at SWAT Urban, Shotton, Deeside

Topics: 31  |  Posts: 365

Photos & Video


Operation Foxley - 7th/8th July 2012 - CANCELLED

A Comrades in Arms event to be held at Cerberus, Keighley, Yorkshire

Topics: 2  |  Posts: 27



Operation Greenback - 18/19th August 2012

A Gunman Airsoft 'D-Day' series weekender event

Topics: 32  |  Posts: 247

Lost at Greenback

Eagles over the Rhine - 29th September 2012

A Wladek game to be held at Grange Farm, Leicester

Topics: 22  |  Posts: 366

Post-game discussion...


The Gothic Line - 17/18th November 2012

A Gunman Airsoft 'D-Day' series battle weekend

Topics: 27  |  Posts: 496



The Fuhrer's Escape - 9th December 2012

A Legion of the Damned game to be held at Drakelow Tunnels, near Kinver

Topics: 48  |  Posts: 651

MOLOTOV`S For the ga...

Joseph Porta

Stalingrad: City of Fire - Event cancelled

Army Group South event to be held at Xsite, Bucks.

Topics: 8  |  Posts: 144



Operation Chariot - Event cancelled

An AGS game to be held UCAP Sandpit site 14th July 2012

Topics: 13  |  Posts: 170



Bastogne Breakout - 2/3/4th November 2012

Homeland Tactical Airsoft, Spanby, Nottinghamshire

Topics: 28  |  Posts: 590

Apologies and Feedba...


2012 events

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