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2016 events
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The Battle for Alife - 16th Jan 2016

A 34th Inf game held at Fireball Squadron, Birmingham

Topics: 13  |  Posts: 113



Operation Nordwind - 13th Feb 2016

Elite Action Games, Worthing site

Topics: 8  |  Posts: 144

Post game chat

Zero Bravo

Operation Veritable, The Battle of the Reichswald - 28th Feb 2016

Close Action, Northants.

Topics: 8  |  Posts: 132

Many thanks


Operation Bloodhound - 26th March 2016

A Gunman game held at Westwood, Herts

Topics: 16  |  Posts: 125



The Battle of Tulagi - 16th April 2016

A 34th Inf game held at Fireball Squadron, Birmingham

Topics: 30  |  Posts: 435

Thanks for an awesom...


The Last Stand - 7th May 2016

To be held at Eversley, Hants

Topics: 36  |  Posts: 667



Endgame - 29th May 2016

Event at Spartan Airsoft, near Bristol

Topics: 10  |  Posts: 20

Feel of the game

Battle for Narocz Forest - 11-12 June | EVENT CANCELLED

Event cancelled

Topics: 9  |  Posts: 35


Operation Watchtower - Battle of Guadalcanal - 16th July 2016

A 34th Inf game held at Fireball Squadron, Birmingham

Topics: 18  |  Posts: 78

Post game update. an...


The Battle of Centuripe, 20th August - EVENT CANCELLED

To be held at Combat South Woodland Site

Topics: 11  |  Posts: 77

Refund of those who ...


D-Day: The Battle of Vierville - 17th September 2016

Inglorious Basterds game held at Close Action, Grafton Park

Topics: 35  |  Posts: 586


Operation Bagration - 12th-13th November 2016

Gunman Airsoft @ Westwood, Herts

Topics: 10  |  Posts: 30


Stalingrad: Rattenkrieg - 3rd December 2016

A Southern Army Division Game held at UCAP Airsoft “Bunker”

Topics: 19  |  Posts: 396

Campaign medal


2016 events

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