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2019 events
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The Road To Monte Cassino - 19th Jan 2019

To be held at Fireball Squadron Airsoft Club

Topics: 13  |  Posts: 74



Forced Redemption - 6th April 2019 - EVENT CANCELLED

Held at Comms 3 Rift airsoft

Topics: 13  |  Posts: 56


Operation Tonga - 18th May 2019

An SAD game to be held at Combat South

Topics: 22  |  Posts: 190

Campaign Medal


The Battle of Tarawa Part II - 8th June 2019

to be held at Eversley

Topics: 24  |  Posts: 109

The Conclusion, Miss...


SOE : Chancers - 27th July 2019

SOE theme - Gunman Airsoft, Eversley

Topics: 15  |  Posts: 57


Purple Heart Draw - 24th& 25th August 2019

A Kampfgruppe Tiger game held at Eversley

Topics: 8  |  Posts: 78

After game chat

Operation Uranverein, The Uranium Club - 7th & 8th September 2019

Allsorts Airsoft Southdowns

Topics: 8  |  Posts: 21

Late campaign medal


The March Into Burma Part 2 - 12th October 2019

To be held at Fireball Squadron Airsoft Club

Topics: 15  |  Posts: 48

Thank You


Autumn Mist - 14th December 2019

Topics: 9  |  Posts: 110

Great fun


2019 events

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