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Faux wood kar98k w/ tanaka marksman scope

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selling this kar98k so I can save enough to buy an STG44

Carrier bag
One magazine
-- attachment is not available --
-- attachment is not available --

For the price, I'd say with the scope which was 175 by itself and the weapon which was around 216 at the time 360 would be an alright Plus I'll throw in two opened but not used small tubs of .36s and.40s I wouldn't recommend using them with the kar on the reason that I'm not sure they would do it a service or not

If you'd like to pick up I'm near manchester England
not too sure how to post a gun so Only pick up I guess.

Mobile: +44 7432 317254

Please text with the inquiry thanks

Topic starter Posted : 24/05/2020 1:25 pm