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September 1944:
A group of soldiers from the US 35th Recon Infantry Regiment push through enemy lines and deep in to enemy held territory towards the village of Nancy, supported by armour. Two days later following vicious fighting the town of Nancy is in allied hands, crowds cheer as allied tanks and jeeps roll through the main square, the smouldering wrecks of two Tiger tanks littered the alleys of the quiet village. The doors of the town Bank, blown to kindling, the singed, scorched remains hanging off the hinges; inside, an empty room. ‘Kilroy was ere’ scrawled across the wall. They look back at the town as they drive off in captured enemy trucks, a private enterprise operation complete.
November 1944
The gold is seized by military police at the docks in Cherbourg; the men, taken in to custody awaiting court martial. Two months in a stockade, late at night they are bundled in to trucks and dropped back off at their regimental headquarters, without a word the truck disappears in to the night. Their Captain, now Major Maitland is standing under a light smoking a cigarette. ‘That little stunt could’ve been a propaganda nightmare, but you did punch a hole in the Kraut lines…so the brass have decided to forego the execution, just don’t mention gold bullion ever again!’ And so it was covered up, the gold never to be seen again…
Two months later Private Kelly is sitting in a barn, with his helmet tipped forward, there’s the sound of footsteps outside and the doors are rudely kicked open. A man walks in, ‘You, Kelly?’ he says in a thick New York accent. ‘Who wants to know?!’ Kelly says. ‘You can call me Walt, I’ve got a proposition for ya…a errr private enterprise operation.’
23rd April 1945:
A group of American soldiers in captured vehicles speed through the suburbs of Berlin heading towards Zentralflughafen Tempelhof-Berlin (Templehof Airport), in the distance they can hear the Russian assault on the airport taking place, meeting stiff resistance from veteran Luftwaffe troops.
‘The gold’s in the tunnels under the airport, there’s a secret entrance here which means we can avoid most of the Russian troops and get in there without being noticed. It’s due to be flown to Switzerland then on to South America very soon but as for an exact location…I don’t know.’
They run straight through a Russian road block and on towards the airport…they would soon reach the entrance and be in a battle for their lives…
Russian soldiers hammered back the Luftwaffe defence, pushing them slowly towards the entrance then in to the tunnels of the aircraft factory located under the airport. They had heard rumblings of several tons of gold being stored somewhere in the massive five floor underground complex but to find it they would have to destroy the German vermin who stood in their way. With a roar of ‘No prisoners, no surrender!’ they charge the entrance in search of the enemy treasure!
Colonel Rudolf Boettger, sat at a desk, sweat trickled from his brow as he stares at the map of his underground complex, how to get the gold out? Hitler would be angry if his gold did not reach Switzerland before him; he finds a small entrance leading out on to the far side of the airfield and taps his pencil against the map. ‘Here!’ he whispers. He walks out and addresses his men. ‘This gold…it must reach the Fuhrer so that he may carry on the war, all is lost if we do not get it on that plane.’ They nod approvingly. ‘You must go and get the gold and take it to this entrance, ready to be flown out of Berlin. There is a JU-290 waiting there…’
He goes back in his office, screws up a piece of paper signed by the Fuhrer detailing that he must blow up the airport and the tunnels beneath takes his pistol from his holster and shoots himself in the temple. Who will reach the gold first and claim it for themselves or their country? Will the gold ever reach Switzerland and in whos hands!

The Sides
20 German feldgrau wool and HBT uniforms are fine, EDIT we would rather not have all Germans in SS camo please as this will not look as good as standard uniform or help you hide in a dark tunnel. However if camo is all you have we will not turn you away. - usual CiA game rules for kit and weapons.
As this is Berlin 1945 we will also allow volksturm loadouts, if you do intend to use such please pop a photo up for us on a thread I am starting HERE

15 US mixed units Fighting 35inf would be nice M43 uniforms ideal- usual CiA game rules for kit and weapons.

15 Russians same uniforms as used last year for the Loop game will be fine (please no camo this is the City of Berlin not many trees and bushes).

Initially this is booked for 50 but this may be revised if there is more interest.

Age Limits
As we all know it is historically accurate that both Russia & Germany had under 18's fighting in Berlin.
We are chasing up the legal points, insurance parental guidance use of RIF’s, face mask’s etc.

From F&O website
Minimum Age Requirements First and Only Airsoft's minimum age for playing at ANY of our sites is 13. Anyone under 16 MUST have a parent or guardian present on site at all times, even if they do not intend to play. (We may let them overdose on tea or coffee though…)
PM me if you have any questions :good:

The Venue

The Drakelow Tunnels are a former underground military complex beneath the Kingsford Country Park near the village of Kinver, Staffordshire, which cover 250,000 sq ft (23,000 m2). The tunnels have a total length of 3.5 mi (5.6 km) to 4 mi (6.4 km).

Drakelow tunnels,
Kingsford Country Park,
near Kinver,
DY11 5SA
Google maps ... 5&t=h&z=17

Cost £40 including camping overnight for early arrivals on the 20th
Also a morning breakfast will be available..

Booking thread now open

For more information and rules for this event please look here.

The true story
More than $2.5 billion in gold, currency and jewels hoarded by the Nazis vanished in the chaos of 1945.

A colossal theft The Guiness Book of Records calls "The greatest robbery on record." The Germans, Russians and Americans all dipped into the booty; some are still alive and enjoying it. But no one has ever been caught or tried.

The Reichsbank robbery was not a single robbery headed by a single mastermind but a series of separate incidents involving different portions of the Reichsbank gold and currency reserves between May 1945 and March 1947. It might help to envisage the Reichsbank treasure as a dead whale attacked by sharks. There are big sharks and little sharks and they take big bites and little bites. They are all devouring the same carcass at about the same time but they are acting independently, not in collusion.

For more historical information on the true theft of the Nazi gold
Click HERE

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