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Below is a list of basic rules for the event

These rules have mostly been taken from what I call the "WW2 Airsoft Bible" , The original Comrades in arms rules.

A very important point must be made.

This game, is an ODDBALL event.

It IS NOT a C.I.A event.

Although the rules are damm near identical, and we are working on the "If its not broken dont fix it basis", this game is specifically an ODDBALL event!

1: Don't be a Bell End! This rule covers everything. Before you do anything, think to yourself,"Would this be seen as a thing a BELL END would do?" if it is, then you shouldnt be doing it

Which means, effectively, respect your fellow players and organisers, be considerate of their experience as well as yours and use your common sense.

2: You have to be over 14 with an adult, or 18 on your own (for the Anarchy event, other events depend on the individual site rules)

3: ENJOY YOURSELF. get in to the mindset of the ww2 filmsim event. There is no such thing as Overacting. Just have FUN and be safe. Dont do to others what you wouldnt like done to yourself. :good:

Uniform and kit

Any German forces uniform from the period 1939-1945 The event is set in Berlin 1945 and the garrison was full of groups from many different units.

Any American ground based forces uniform from the period 1939-1945 .

Any British ground based forces uniform from the period 1939-1945 .

Any Russian ground based forces uniform from the period 1939-1945 .

Civilian (Volksturm), armed or otherwise
Period looking clothes, woollens, cottons etc

We ask that all people consider wearing a helmet, though it is not a rule. Helmets protect your head, make identification of the enemy easier and are what most combatants wore whilst in combat.

We ask that players avoid wearing peaked caps (unless asked to) as we often reserve these for the commanders.

If you have the kit available to match the time period or the scenario of the event then please feel free to use it, however there is no requirement to do so.

It is better to use whatever kit you have and get enjoyment from it, rather than feel unable to attend events or go buy yet more kit just for a specific event.


Any WW2 manufactured or custom made gun can be used for any side
Any single shot rifle ( inc M14 on single shot) with RIS rails etc removed, and scrimmed up if made predominantly of plastic.

Normal FPS rules are 350fps for auto, 500 for single shot using 0.2g bbs.

Normal ammo limits are 600 for all, and 2000 for those with a recognisable support weapon.

A minimum engagement distance of 20m is mandatory when using a powerful single shot rifle (anything over 380fps). We ask that players using such weapons carry a pistol and use that for ranges less than 20m out of courtesy to their targets.

Equally at ranges of less that 5m it is courteous to say “bang kill” rather than light someone up on full auto if possible. However, this is not mandatory.

At close range typically in CQB it is also courteous to aim low, it is much nicer to get hit in the legs than in the face.

If you can sneak up on an enemy undetected, they you can tap him with your hand and say “knife kill” this counts as a hit . It is customary for the victim not to shout out.

Death and Medics

We operate on the following system:

A hit by a BB on you (not your gun) counts as a hit Please scream out, shout “hit”,“Sani” or “Medic” to let others know you have been hit. DROP to the floor and feel free to keep calling for help for added effect. (Please drop to the floor, in crowded tunnels, and low light, standing with your hands in the air wont help if the tunnel is full of flying bb`s. get down fast, with your FEET facing the enemy, then they know your not lying prone shooting at them. If you cant or dont want to lie down, get your hands up high, lightstick out, and run away from the battle shouting "hit, hit, hit". Simulate a fleeing soldier, so, 1. you dont get hurt, and, 2. you dont stand in the middle of a firefight with your hands up, looking bored, and spoiling the scene for other players)

You first hit is considered injurious, but not lethal.

Any other player can apply a bandage to you (your own if your carrying one), which allows you to carry on the fight.

If you are not bandaged within 5 minutes you are considered to have bled out and are dead.

A second hit whilst wearing a bandage “kills” you . Call out again to let everyone know you are dead.

We then have two typical options which will be detailed at the start of the event:

Firstly you return to a dedicated Casualty Clearing Station, identified as such as by an organiser. Here you can reload to your max ammo limit, remove bandages and start as a fresh soldier

Any explosion by pyro within 5m kills you outright unless you are behind hard cover , i.e. vehicle , Barricade, or steel object

ALL PLAYERS will be issued with:

A bandage, to show their wounded
A lightstick, to show their dead
Ear protection.A set of new, roll up, squishy ear plugs. There will be some loud pyro, in confined spaces. nothing dangerous, and its all supplied by the site owners, they have tested it, and they are happy with its use, but we are giving people the option of hearing protection. Its a personal choice if you use it or not.

You will need to bring you own BSA approved safty glasses, and face protection if you require it.

SMOKE IS NOT ALLOWED ON SITE, ANY USE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE END OF GAME. not our call, but the site owners, remember rule 1.

Thanks to the "WW2 Airsoft Bible", the Comrades in arms rules, which i have heavily plagiarized from.

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newcomers will think this is a dodgy event when you say its an oddball event :giggle:





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newcomers will think this is a dodgy event when you say its an oddball event :giggle:

Who's dodgy :rofl:

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