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[Sticky] Opinions Of the game. (Dont post untill after event please)

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Joseph Porta
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This is the first "ODDBALL" game, and if possible, we would like people to leave a short (or long ) post of there views post game.

We would love any positive, or negative feedback, then we can iorn out any issues for the next one.

Ive put this up before the event, so when everyone gets home, and posts, it can all be kept in one thread so we dont miss anyones comments. :good:

Thanks a lot guys / gals, and we hope you really enjoy the event.

All the best , and safe journey,
Porta, Tiny, Oddball and Speirs :good:

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Posted : 20/08/2011 9:00 am
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just wanted to thank Oddball and the rest of you all for a great day to tired to give other feedback yet , apart from had a great day and thanks to you all :)

even you i presume the crazed russian loool

Posted : 21/08/2011 6:03 pm
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Thanks Oddball, Tiny & Porta, we had a great day, very disorientating and atmospheric in the tunnels, very different to fighting in woodland. :good:

Well organised and hopefully enjoyable for all, as far as constructive criticism the only thing that springs to mind was the toilet facilities, especially with ladies attending, perhaps the hire of a portaloo for the day would have helped.

But cracking game, count us in for your next one :good:

Posted : 21/08/2011 6:25 pm
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has a long hard think and could maybe only come up with 2 things that may have helped but to be honest i had a great time so dont take to heart :)

1 lighting in usa safe zone which i know you tried to sort but fate was against you

2 sides not 3 as think it works better but that may just be me thou to be fair we were happy killing ruskies or germans lol :) (some good ambushs by them pesky ruskies)

anyway i know we all had a great and i shall reward myself with a big bubbly bath :ghey:

Posted : 21/08/2011 6:41 pm
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had a great time had a good laugh with my fellows Germans we defended what ever gold we had taken back

only down side was the toilets but other than that well done guys for putting this on for the first time

Posted : 21/08/2011 7:05 pm
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Thank you for a great day out, a big effort had gone into the props and atmosphere. The game got a bit bogged down late morning and stopping to reorganise things was the right thing to do.

Had great fun the morning charging to certain death, then sneaking around ambushing Americans in the afternoon, followed by the magnificent 'artillery offensive' as we pushed the 37mm gun around three whole sides of the entire complex.

Many thanks to Porta in particular for his inspired leadership, commonsense approach and furious energy.


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Posted : 21/08/2011 7:32 pm
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Had a great day thanks to oddball and all the other guys that helped with the whole event, the atmosphere was eerie and quite tense at times.

Had some great gunfights with germans and the russkies :D

There was a bit of a pause in the morning but i think it was partly because we got the gold so quick :)
but it all came good in the end.

Looking forward to the next game you guys run :good:

Posted : 21/08/2011 8:13 pm
Joseph Porta
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Just in, and kit dumped in garage, Oddball and Tiny STILL traveling back

What a weekend. To be honest for me it was a nightmare :D

1800 Arrive on site to set up and camp. ...... SITE CLOSED till 430am, 26 people to find a bedspace for
0130 Finnaly after 4 hours, manage to get some medical equipment sorted out for a player
0200, in to the car for a kip, Tiny snores
0400 up to set up event (early :shock: )
1 million and one things later, get the game on
The gameplan goes to ratshite within 10 minuites :slap: , all plans are now made "on the go" :rofl:
had to stop for a lunchbreak, (unplanned) to sort it all out
Game back on and seems to go well
1630, endex
1800 leave site after clearout
2115 get home

Firstly, ive so much admiration for other event organizers. Until i had tried it, id never believe the amount of work it takes.

But thinking Back, ive had a GREAT DAY, and what made it happen was all the players,
Despite , being given no campsite, no portaloos, and left to fend for themselves, everyone worked really hard, and just "made the best of it"
without such a great player attitude the event would have been a write off

SO A MASSIVE THANK YOU, to all who attended and gave their all :good:

I must apologize to the russian team for my morale failiure between 11 and 12 am, i was so down, but the effort put in by the players gave me new heart and the afternoon was tremendous fun.
Also it was next to impossible to co-ordinate all the russains at once, with both sides double crossing us, usually, after most of our troops had just gone to re-enforce a ally, only to all be shot down by our "friends" on arrival.

Thanks for all the great feedback on the event, it makes it all worthwhile.

My event highlight, There were a lot, i had a lot of fun, but the Artillery relay team marathon round site was great :good:

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Posted : 21/08/2011 9:18 pm
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Well i enjoyed it a lot,
The Ghost hunters, unfortunate, but it at least i got a good (all be it short) sleep caravans are brilliant things.
I got to use the maxim, got a tank ride, plus got into peform some good ambushes on the yanks
eventful day overall
Only negative from my Pov, is that the orginal game plan fell to bits as that sounded quite awesome
Anyway Thanks Oddball,Porta,Tiny and everyone else for an awesome day

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Posted : 21/08/2011 10:03 pm
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Not even been home an hour, kit left in the car(except guns) and i'll be short and brief, cos my bed is beckoning. Its calling my name like a mermaid sat on rock would allure a passing swimmer, and who am I to argue with my bed :D (or a mermaid)

Well, as Porta said, the event hit a downer last night after we were told we couldnt be in the tunnels until the early hours, then it continued to get more stressful by the minute! Respect to Dog Company for their shelter building skills, which I think was only made possible by the ridiculous amount of wine which seemed to flow in every direction from early in the evening! There was no moaning about the situation by anyone(except maybe from me and Porta :roll: ), just quick soloutions! I think those who stayed over last night should be acknowledged for their 'keep calm and carry on' attitude.

0200, in to the car for a kip, Tiny snores

Tiny was only snoring cos he was under the influence of alcohol which someone must've spiked my coffee mug with :whistle:

Only negative from my Pov, is that the orginal game plan fell to bits

Yeah, this is true. We switched to plan 'B' though, which was "flap like a demented chicken with a mop handle up its ricker"! It seemed to work a bit :giggle:

2 main high points of the day, although there were many of them, were:-
1, running up behind Porta whilst he was trying to fire the cannon and slitting his throat, being rewarded with a gurgling dying man noise(well acted by the way Porta) and a burst of bb's in the back by someone,
and 2, shooting bigkie with my cheap 'found at work' childs springer, then proceding to stand openly in sight to all and tell him he should be ashamed of himself for getting shot by it :D

Low point of the day was trying to squeeze my car through a gap in the tunnel which a mobility scooter would have struggled with and mashing both the front wings a bit! In my defense it was 5am, i'd just (half)woke up, and my eyes looked like an ordanance survey map!

I just wanna say a big thanks to everyone who came and made the whole weekend what it was, and I'm glad you all seem to have a good time.

My Two Cents.....

"I'll show you 'ow the English knock the top off a egg"

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Posted : 21/08/2011 11:18 pm
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A big thanks go to Oddball, Porta and Tiny for an event that was a complete success. OK things didn't go to plan on Saturday evening but shit happens, I for one enjoyed meeting new people and was pleasantly pissed in the process (no change there).

As for the event itself, in the morning the mixture of full on battles to smaller skirmishes mixed with confusion and chaos just added to the experience. In the afternoon us Germans decided on a defensive strategy to guard our 9 boxes of gold we had captured, every attempt to steal our gold met with anhiliation :happydance:.

Nothing negative on this one, thanks :good:

Posted : 21/08/2011 11:19 pm
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Dont fret chaps it was a cracking game.
It did stall a bit in the morning but it came back on track.
I would suggest that if you want the Germans to defend their initial gold stocks against an armoured column you put the bunkers between the tanks and the gold rather than behind the gold?
We were powerless to stop the tank, just wasting bbs. It drove up, parked and pinched the gold.
Just before and just after lunch things started to swing along and there was some of the best action of the day for me.

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better by design

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Posted : 22/08/2011 9:01 am
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Only negative from my Pov, is that the orginal game plan fell to bits

Yeah, this is true. We switched to plan 'B' though, which was "flap like a demented chicken with a mop handle up its ricker"! It seemed to work a bit :giggle:

Was true to the name "Anarchy"
Btw, did you remember to take take the Glock from your glove box?
Thanks again form me and Will for the lift there and back

WW2 Weapons AGM Sten, AGM MP40

Posted : 22/08/2011 10:17 am
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I would like to say a BIG BIG thank you to all attending, you gave your all and some more than that :good:

I got home about 9.45 and just collapsed in a chair for 2 hours, the drive back was hard going trying to stay awake. The fact I had less than 3 hours sleep on the previous night did not help.
The GHOST BUSTERS knocked on my car at 3.30am to tell me they were leaving but I was already awake as they had been leaving for an hour driving past my car :slap:

So at 3.30 I got the tunnels open and oil lamps lit and drove inside to start to set up shortly after Rooster then Porta and Tiny came to help. So from 3.30 to 9.30 we worked to try and get things sorted that we wanted to do from 7pm the night before.
The oil lamps were to be hung up in the areas like the US regen where there was no lighting but they got left near the tunnel entrance in the mad rush to sort things out.

There was to be a porta loo but it either was not provided on the day or it was in the other car park, which was of no use to any of us. Also we could not use the site toilets on Saturday night as the GHOST BUSTERS would not let us in :x

I still think the 3 sides idea worked but could have worked better, however it was well known to me before hand that this would cause chaos and confusion particularly to the organisers/ team leads. Decisions had to be made on the fly and they did it.
As I suspected the US with 17 guys went through the site like a hot knife through butter, they may not be real Americans but they do take off the full "we don't take any crap attitude" and just did what they were to do go in and steel the gold which was the main aim for them so killing anyone who got in there way was just part of their fun.

Porta, Tiny and I had been to survey the site several months before and try to work out a game plan for this and shot a video but it was important to us not to let too many people know the ways this may play out. Having 3 teams was a big challenge but due to the scenario had to be the way to go. The fall of Berlin and 3 totally different groups being thrown into the melting pot, Russians communists out for revenge on the Fatherland, Germans fighting for their lives and to protect their land and what ever the Fuehrer had ordered them to, then the US who where just there to steal what they could and get out alive.
See the map.
The initial gold store X was the US objective, upon arrival the plan was that the US would tell the Russians they were on a special mission to rescue a captured allied General (Montgomery) a big bold lie some times is the best. No mention of gold was to be made by the US to the Russians.
So an initial helping hand to the Russians was appreciated if slightly overwhelming in their drive and forcefulness.
Both the Russians and US had to enter from point E on tunnel 1, and then the US had to get over to the initial gold store X(for the Russians where General Montgomery was held). Once the US had the gold the plan was that they where to open an exit at T4 and escape as fast as possible, once they got to the planed exit they would find that the planned exit had been destroyed by allied bombing.
This was to then force the US to have to hold their position and store the gold at Gu and in time fight their way out back to E on tunnel 1.
-- attachment is not available --

The problems for the US were then to start as the Russians captured a German officer with a note from Hitler stating that a unit of US troops were out to steel the gold.
This meant that the US troops had lied to the Russians as to the true reason for them being there.
Once the Russians learn of this they are incensed at the deception by their allies.

In terms of the game play on the day the US knew that this was in the game plan so as soon as the Russians showed their faces again they were met with a shower of 6mm plastic.

All 3 teams had respective gold store location that they would have to store captured gold and protect Gu, Gr and Gg. As organisers of the game we had to try to space these locations in a way that would be fair to all teams.
However any team that has a large cash of gold would need a strong assault to take it from them.
On the day the collective might of both the Russians and Germans who had put together an uneasy alliance could not re-capture the gold. This would have been better if we had left the gold in it's original store location and the US would have a longer distance to travel to their regen at the end of Tunnel 4.

Hence when we planned this game we decided that 20 Germans and 15 Russians would be required to take the gold back and get it circulating around the tunnels.

Each gold crate had a yellow glow stick on it, which in dark tunnels made you an instant target.
If you were hit you were to place the gold on the floor in full view so that sporadic fire fights would ensue.

Once it got to 11.30 I had been able to talk to many people on the site and see how things were going.
There had been a stalemate situation which had resulted in a deal being made that was soon to fall apart as one Brother Tiny shot the other Porta in the back (so I here :giggle: )
The US then took this chance to force an escape, however this was a problem as the escape route for the US was also the Russian regen which meant the US were going to be taking on immortal Russians. I could not allow this to happen so it was collectively decided to put the game on hold at approx 12.30 so that Tiny and I could re-distribute the gold in the centre of the site in clumps in several locations. This was to replicate how the game plan should have worked out.
At this point the day seemed to turn far more interesting for all concerned, as we had hoped for.

As the Russians were only 9 strong they decided to hamper the endeavours of the other 2 teams and did it with great zeal.

I feel the dark and smoke of the site creates a great situation of fear and unease that not many sites do, also a mix of CQB and long tunnels is a great mix which makes airsoft come into it's own.

Porta and the Russians had a great time with the AT gun firing over 75 shots through the day all on one £3.50 can of gas great value :D and the can isn't empty yet.

The Germans did a great job in the afternoon to equal the effort put in by the US in the morning, they protected the 9 crates of gold truly effectively from all comers.

The big down side in the morning for me was how much we had to rush in order to set up the site.
Porta decided we would stick to a start of battle for 10am and we did so.
For me this meant getting the tank out from the midst of a group of Vietnam airsofters that had set up camp around the thing and reverse it out next to their cars. In the rush I didn't have time to even arm the tank or set up any coms, so once in the tunnels I was in a lead US position but unable to here anyone outside of the tank. This forced me to drive quite slowly while I took my best guess at which way to turn.
Porta was outside in front for some of this but it was only at the end of the day when he test drove the tank that he started to realise how hard a task it can be.

Once again thanks to all for coming and not for blaming me for all the initial setbacks we had.
The day was total anarchy, as I full well knew it would be. :happydance:

I would like to also thank F&O and Felix for sorting things out with us at short notice and with the medical assistance late on Sat night. :good:

See Mindsets and Objectives from several months ago.
-- attachment is not available --

Watch Vid
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Posted : 22/08/2011 10:27 am
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Quick one to say thanks for a great day out!

Had a great time, excellent location.

Zack :D

Posted : 22/08/2011 10:49 am
Joseph Porta
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Nice debreif Oddball.
And sorry i never got chance to say thanks felix. so thanks a lot for the site and all the help. :good:

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Posted : 22/08/2011 11:19 am
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My first WW2 event and was very much looking forward too it, and ws dont let down!

Arrived down Saturday night at about 21:30 (1 hour later than i expected) and got on the drink. Was nice to meet in person:
Poacher and Co (as they were known as on the night :giggle: )
Joseph Porta
Some of the lads from Dog Company
Chomley Warner

Was made aware during these drinking times of the problems that had already arisen with the site and game.

Went to bed about 1:30 am woken up at 5am blurry eyed at 3 chaps looking at some marks on a car (doh tiny :slap: )

So waking up at about 6:30 i had crossed my fingers and hoped that Oddball and crew had managed to get majority of what things setup etc.
Which even if they didn't get everything they wanted done it was still an amazing day.

the only real bad point I would say was:
The Americans on the initial capture of the gold had taken it back to respawn. When returning later on it was then moved to ouside respawn. Some players were surprised by this but i presumed this stopped all the teams grabbing all the gold they could find and then just shooting at each other all day with no chance of stealing the gold back. I surpose a clear "gold dump" could of been made for each team.

But taking into account all the problems you guys had it was a fantastic day so many thanks to Tiny, Porta and Oddball (I managed to thank you all in person which i was happy about!) for putting on this event.

Posted : 22/08/2011 12:19 pm
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I surpose a clear "gold dump" could of been made for each team.

Each team did have a gold store, thats probably where some of the confusion arose then if the americans weren't aware of this.





Posted : 22/08/2011 12:23 pm
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First of all a big thank you to the organisers, Oddball, Porta, Tiny and Spiers...

It was obvious to us of DogCo, the time and effort you must have put into this game.

Yes the billeting situation was a headache, but was surmounted, and the weather held off so a good time was certainly had by us (and I hope the other punters too)

The set up time for yourselves dramatically rushed due to the "Ghost hunters" but you got set up, at the cost of your own sleep! (Thank you again :good: )

As for the game "Stalemating" in the morning, I would like to think that was as much as anything down to the "Damned Yankies" defending their stash rather too well (we would have run out of bb's eventually :D ), and the efforts of the Russians and German forces to completely fox any escape plan that could be formulated ( :slap: ), rather than poor planing on your part.

Punters will almost always go "Off Piste" with the script (DogCo almost always do!), and to keep the game loose and flexible, tweak it on the hoof, I again applaud and thank you for your efforts :happyclap:

ps we did put the mornings haul in the US gold dump..... there was a sign on the wall :P

Posted : 22/08/2011 12:29 pm
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yer i remember reading about it , but never knew where it was till late afternoon but we were in near total darkness so if the sign i had seen oddball make was there we never saw it lol

but having slept like a log last night - i woke up thinking what a great day it was - yes things did not go to plan but when do they in long games - i think all the folks who ran it did there best and that as a player is all we can ask for.

i had some great times in the morning but the highlight was the afternoon we had great fun looking for the gold and geting it back and trying to avoid russian ambushes

and lets face facts it was all in the title of the game :happydance:

having thought about it over night and since i got up today at 1pm loooool i think the 3 sides went well and caused some great confusion , and having come on the morning we knew nothing of what all of you went through the night before. So extra special thanks for the little sleep you guys and stil put on a great show.

Having run some games myself folks dont seem to realise how much effort goes into a normal game never mind one thats like this , and i hope the personal cost effort and ££ was not much from you guys .

so whens the rematch :)

Posted : 22/08/2011 12:44 pm
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