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What happened?
16 December 1944. Heersgruppe B charged across the foggy Belgian border into the Ardennes on an axis headed straight for Antwerp! A Swift and bold attack to hinder the allies on the Western Front.
The 106th Infantry Division, with no air support due to the fog and very little artillery support, crumble under the weight of the Heavy Waffen-SS panzer tracks and is pushed all the way back to Malmedy where the 1st and 2nd SS Panzer Divisions attempt to drive a wedge between the 82nd Airborne and 30th Infantry.
Battle over the "8 0 Northing"
A fictional battle ensued over the 8 0 Northing (Reference to the maps) between a kampfgruppe from the 1st SS Panzer Division, the 30th and 82nd. Tanks could not penetrate the dense woodland and had to flank around while infantry went deep into the foliage to flush out any remaining Americans.
Ultimately the Germans enjoyed a sweet and short lived victory in their final offensive, which would ultimately fail, becoming the beginning of the end.
The americans suffered heavy losses and many were taken prisoner and would never return home...
Let us not forget the events at Malmedy, 17th December, 1944.

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