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how was it for you and after action reports

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:good: as usual a big shout out to Josh and his team for ANOTHER top notch event! Excellent site (if 310 mile away) and the weather was good too!
The standard of play was extremely high, and as is the norm seemingly, the kit all spot on!
I was places with "Pegasus" section and from landing early saturday, it didn't take us long to bump jerry who promptly tried to surround us! The section found its feet quickly, deployed all round defence and extracted ourselves most skillfully, killing several hun on the way. This set the tone, and fierce fighting round the high ground, mortar pits and fuel dump bogged us down. However, good planning and exempary fighting saw the Allies over run all but 1 of our objectives! This was the 2nd AA gun which was defended on the high ground, laced with trenches, pits and ideal defensive cover! Tired and disorganised attacks were dealt with swiftly by Jerry, and so the 1st day ended.
Day 2 saw a tremendous attack put in by all the Allies, surrounding and whittling the defenders away! Pegasus section, I'm proud to say led a heroic charge, up hill, through the deployed smoke screen and to eventual victory, cresting the lip of the enemy pit and showing the hun no mercy, spraying Sten and Thompson fire right into them! The Allied timing was excellent as all sections met at the top! A quick regroup and we were of to the dz's to pick up ammo, food and medical supplies. Jerry was organised however, and harrassed and kept our heads down for long periods! Once the zones were cleared a plan to get them to where they were needed was hatched and implemented. Strong Nazi attacks caused havock and confussion but eventually the supplies got through! Most enjoyable!
Mention to the Pegasus section, pleasure meeting and fighting with you. You put it in guys! To Dog Co, your hospitality was exemplary once again, and to everyone else who all made it a great weekend battle! Spot on!

Posted : 18/03/2012 7:11 pm
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I have to say that I really enjoyed the weekend and i'm proud to have been a member of Pegasus also. Excellent gameplay from both sides, can't wait for the next one!

Posted : 18/03/2012 7:39 pm
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Another awesome weekend, and some properly good firefights that I was actually involved in for once. One of my favourite moments was assulting the communications tower, and trying to hold it for long enough to allow McVickers to lay the charges. Although he did proceed to blow me up as nobody gave the call the fall back. I also finally had a small moment of glory, when horsa section got ambushed by jerry whilst standing around our regen, and I managed to throw myself round quick enough to shoot him down. And a weekend just isn't complete without being grenade killed by Universal Gunner. Great to see everyone again aswell as meeting people for the first time such as Gadge and co. Also I thought dog company looked absolutly awesome as the dutch, all though I did have to sheepishly ask Doug to remove a bunch of slugs from the bottom of my tent this morning. :oops:

Posted : 18/03/2012 8:43 pm
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a great weekend really enjoyed it Germans worked well as a group no one went alone
just want to say thank you to Dean Scott and Ranj for a funny car share top notch thanks guys :good:

Posted : 18/03/2012 8:51 pm
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And a weekend just isn't complete without being grenade killed by Universal Gunner.


My favourite moment was shooting the Poles, as they bimbled along. :giggle: Also, this morning's sneaky action against the Brit paras was fun... until I got shot. :roll:

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Posted : 18/03/2012 8:57 pm
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A very enjoyable game and a fantastic site, shame I could only stay for the Saturday. Good to catch up with everyone and meet some new people too, many thanks to the Poles for letting me share their magnificent tent porch even if I was a big bad Jerry :)

To echo the comenst above, great looking gear and a high standard of play. Those dutch partisass in particular were a complete pita and kept popping up at inopportune moments. The defence of the last position on Saturday afternoon was truely epic, as large groups of British troops hurled themselves at our positions. Zug 2 was tasked with counterattack duties (all four of us! as the other half of the platoon and become isolated) and we managed not once, not twice but three times to bounce British platoons from the flank or rear and inflict annihilating losses on them.

One of the high points for me was being pinned in a desperate firefight on top of the hill, low on ammo and with only a few of us left and then spotting a wave of FJ rolling up thre British flank and marching to the rescue.

The only low point was that I never saw a Pole al day! They clearly did an excellent job of escape and evasion.

Many thanks to Josh for putting such an effort into the game, despite his injuries.


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Posted : 18/03/2012 8:58 pm
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The only low point was that I never saw a Pole al day! They clearly did an excellent job of escape and evasion.


let's just say the site boundaries were... foggy. :whistle:

Posted : 18/03/2012 9:11 pm
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The only low point was that I never saw a Pole al day! They clearly did an excellent job of escape and evasion.


let's just say the site boundaries were... foggy. :whistle:

That and the map we gave you was in English. :lol:

Must say, I had a thoroughly excellent weekend. The Allied side practically ran itself, and the Germans were a pleasure to fight against. Thanks to everyone for really getting into the spirit of the event, and of course to Josh for putting it all together!

Posted : 18/03/2012 9:32 pm
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Indeed fantastic weekend and probably the smoothest battle we've ever helped run.

Im bloody knackered now so i'll just repost my comments from the gunman forum (there are a few pics there too)

"Evo and I were saying on the way back that it was one of the most fun battles we've had.

For the brits it practically ran itself as the guys were all really dependable and stuck to the tasks in hand.

I think the standing orders were very good but do need some tweaks to stop smaller units being paralysed by two casualties but the fact that all the contacts i saw were proper *battles* with a minimum of six or seven guys facing off on each side really made it feel like a war movie (and thats what we're aiming for yeah).

Too many excellent things to list them all, even the early final whistle confusion wasnt a real biggie as we were practically there 'mob handed' anyway... in fact the whistle call was a *good* thing as i think it meant most of us got packed away before the hail and showers :)

So yup, josh you put on another blinder and marc and tash were excellent in the rear with the gear!

Brits were all amazing and showed proper airborne spirit.. never heard a gripe or a grumble other than the unavoidable 'i bloody hit him you know' that you always get on a sunday at 1pm when everyones tired and starting to get niggly :)

The Dagenham Dutch were classic. Excellent ripped civvies, fun accents but not too over the top and really added to the feel.

The Poles were stars, we thought we'd lost them for real and were relieved when they made the RV tired but cheery.

Our erstwhile enemies were true sports and gentlemen. I saw some great exmaples of how 'airsoft/filmsim' should be done when i was by you guys tkaing pics on sunday morning. People throwing themselves in the air to grenade blasts.. one guy took a hit that was a richochet off him team mate so the were both dead and some real heroic to medic fallen comrades... top stuff... and the battle over the radio tower with the lufty field div guys was tense when you've only got a six shooter... your buddy has half a mid cap in his sten and the paras on the way to bail us out still had some way to come!

Top stuff.. If i've forgot anyone i apologise, you were all brilliant. "

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Posted : 18/03/2012 9:49 pm
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Had a cool time. Zug2 we fought with tenaciy and honour, our multiple deaths were glorious. You can't keep a good kraut down

Posted : 18/03/2012 11:14 pm
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Posted : 19/03/2012 1:04 am
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I had a fabulous weekend, I thought the standing orders helped, the unit cohesion was great. The skirmishes felt like real tactics were being used with fire and maneuver being employed and effective covering /suppressing fire in assaults. The germans seemed to have their arcs of fire well covered and rooting them out of defended positions was a reall challenge. The language barrier was great fun, communicating with the other units with sign language and sound effects was hilarious. Well done Josh for organising an excellent game and well done everyone for making the best of all his hard work. And compliments to the chef.

Posted : 19/03/2012 8:51 am
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Excellent weekend :good:

Having people stay within their units makes the whole experience sooo much better. This is possibly the first event I've ever been to that didn't have some annoying herbert going off on his own one-man "sneaky beaky" mission. The firefights were intense, the gameplay was good and the role-playing was spot on.

Favourite part was the 9th SS counter-attack against the British airborne, showing that some well executed fire and movement tactics can really put the wind up a much larger attacking force.

Second favorite part was shooting up the Poles as they came skipping through the undergrowth chattering and laughing about how lost they were.

Not so good part was mistaking that orange smoke grenade for a cannister drop and pulling back to our reserve position - where we sat all alone for about an hour.... :roll:

Worst part was having to leave early on Sunday.

Posted : 19/03/2012 9:42 am
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I had a really wonderful weekend. It was made so much the sweeter as every single one of the Poles obeyed my 'orders' without a question, and were able to get on with it without being 'prodded'.

Although I charged in assaults, and fought through roadblocks when need be, most of the time I was stood at the Polish CP flag, with my reliable translator, relaying information to command and committing new waves to the fight (which in itself was rare as we had an uncanny ability to not die very much, compared to normal), which was great.

Favourite part of the weekend? the 'retreat in disorder' in the face of a ferocious counter attack - only to finally loose our persuers and then get ambushed by Steiner, B&H and Co was pretty damn fun.

Then again so was Sundays assault on the hill - mainly because I got to say 'see, if you want something to get actually done - send in the Poles :D.'

So the Poles were great to fight with, allied units were great to fight alongside, and the Germans were great to fight against. Top notch weekend.

Posted : 19/03/2012 10:28 am
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A really enjoyable weekend - I had a great time with the Polish section. Much comradeship, common purpose and cohesion - plenty of giggles too.

The 'miss-drop' at the beginning was fabulous in itself, as was spending a good deal of the weekend just holed up observing or guarding. I only used 500 rounds the whole weekend, most of that on the 2nd day's assault on the AA gun, and as I am not a great fan of 'shooty' or scripted events this was right up my street. As was the 'escape and evade' aspect that was achievable by an unfit 50+ wannabe soldier. :lol:

Compliments to Josh for accommodating ALL player's game styles and preferences in one scenario and a free-flowing one at that. Great command and control from Gadge and Evo - I know how hard it is to work 'blind' and make sense of, and react to, incoming intel so top marks there. Heh, even when things don't go exactly to plan it adds to the scenario, not detracts. Frustration and confusion I suspect is more accurate than precision and perfect actions.

Best bits - running away from fire-fights, shooting Poacher in the nackers at three foot range with a negligent discharge, 'oisky-boisky' charges, surly Dutch who spoke neither Polish nor English and just shrugged their shoulders when attempting to transfer intel, annoying Craig by constantly forgetting the Polish radio call sign, shooting a German at 30m with a Sten that has no hop.

The most frustrating part - that bloody site. Whether it was misleading maps or compasses that didn't work I don't know, but even at the end I still had little grasp of the geography of the site. You only had to close your eyes and tracks and roads seemed to turn through 90 degrees and nothing was the same on a return visit. Grey skys on Saturday didn't help with direction location. It didn't help that we had no landmark references on the first day; the fuel dump and hill with the AA gun were a huge surprise to us on Sunday - where the hell did they come from? Great stuff - it reminded me why it is so good to visit new sites all over to country, fighting in unfamiliar territory certainly adds to the experience.

Good to to see old chums again and some new faces too!

Posted : 19/03/2012 10:39 am
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The site is indeed *really* hard to navigate.

Before last months Cold War evo and i arrived very early on the friday and had a walk of the entire site to orientate. When Josh arrived a few hous later we walked round all the key points to further orientate.

The actual battle the next day and i still had no idea where anything was in relation to anything else.

This weekend even by sunday despite having spent five days walking round it I was stil blundering into new bits, finding myslef disorientated and being positive the next RV was in one direction when in reality it was 90 degrees off.

The only thing that would improve the site for me would be taking a petrol strimmer to some of the roadie growths to put some tunnesl, mouseholes and paths in to eliminate a few areas that were choke points. They look like good routes on the map but you get there and realise you need machetes to get through!

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Posted : 19/03/2012 12:04 pm
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An excellent game. Well run and with great players.

Always a pleasure to play alongside the Doughboys, this time with added Ed, CW, Poacher, Peeb and Owen!

The Polish not being able to talk English really made it one to remember...

Posted : 19/03/2012 1:12 pm
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It was an excellent time for me. Enjoyed an excellently organised game with some great players.
Thanks to all the members of Horsa after my unexpected promotion to command them. We stuck to our tasks very well and put up with my tendenancy to try to explore as much of the undergrowth as possible. Congratulations to Chris on the very successfull tests of his 2" mortar replica. I hope to see it in action at many more events in the future.

Posted : 19/03/2012 6:27 pm
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I live these days vicariously... so far....
So where are the pictures?
it's been at least twenty four hours!!!!!!

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Posted : 19/03/2012 7:42 pm
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Had a really good weekend, well done again to Josh and his officers. A great site, although yes CW is right it is hard to navigate, on sunday i did a quick detour through some bushes to avoid being cut off by the allied advance and then totally disorientated couldnt find my squad :slap:

I thought the germans had a good day on saturday, zug 2 were only pushed out of a position once and only when they were at half strength when attacked from 2 sides at once, well done Hohenstaufen :D

On the sunday the allies launched an excellant attack on the hill, well coordinated with mortar and smoke support, the previous day we had felt invincible on the hill it was a good defencive position so well done Brits :good:

Although defending we lauched plenty of spoiling attacks on the advancing allies, a tactic that worked very well and usually resulted in taking out an enemy squad with no casulties to ourselves.

The Dutch and Polish looked good and added another element to the game.

Highlights for me were the socials, holding off all attacks on the hill on saturday, the counterattacks and ambushing the Poles from my bushy hidey hole on the sunday :wink:

Also glad the MG34 made it though the weekend with nothing worse than a couple of jams :happydance:

A few pics added below-- attachment is not available ---- attachment is not available ---- attachment is not available --

Posted : 19/03/2012 7:56 pm
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