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Great fun

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Well done to all those who braved the weather and flu...
Even though numbers were depleted we all had a fun day.
The allies certainly got the upper hand from the off. Superb ambush at the artillery position. As the day went on the German troops, many with bolt actions managed to caprure the objectives and hod of fierce allied coynter attacks.
Every one played superbly and with great spirit.
I will plan a spring/summer weekender if folk are intetested.
Would be great to have vehicles as the site is so vehicle friendly.
Tally Ho

Posted : 14/12/2019 8:35 pm
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Thanks Seg me and George had a blast as usual thank you to the other players great spirit, very friendly, and fair play,see you in the summer

Posted : 14/12/2019 8:49 pm
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Thanks for putting the game on. Enjoyed the new site and it was a good day out, I liked the small numbers as it worked well, although we all lost each other a bit in the last hour.

I really enjoyed coming up with different plans for attacking the main Allied HQ, many apologies for all the times they resulted in our annihilation! The defence of the supply dump was epic.

Note to self though, next time it is freezing cold and blowing half a gale, I must put a woollen undershirt on as well.

Looking forward to another game on site, hopefully with some vehicles this time.

"Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" Helmuth von Moltke
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Posted : 15/12/2019 4:33 pm
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Agree with the comments already made. Low numbers did not matter, we had a good fight. I was exhausted at the end. Fun day.
Great new site with real good potential for vehicles. Thanks Seg for putting the game on and look forward to a new one.

Posted : 17/12/2019 11:55 am
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Thanks to all the guys who made the massive effort, the game play was very high, I had a grate time, can’t wait until next Ww2 Airsoft game, thanks guys
Mark 101st

Posted : 17/12/2019 12:56 pm
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I'll be planning another game.

Posted : 17/12/2019 11:29 pm