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The following signals observed after the battle

To Stavka Command, Central Ukraine
From Kommissar Boris Bogdanovich , Bryasnk region

I wish to report on the recent activity in my region . On May 10th , Paritsan and Red Army forces intercepted and captured many of the invaders ammunition convoys.
Casualties on the enemy side were high , with few taken by Soviet forces. A diversionary attack against the German command point at the crossroads of Grabyosh and Petrograd was later initiated to encourage the Germans to enter the woods, however they failed to counter attack in the face of our Revolutionary zeal . In the evening , a smaller force penetrated close to the German base at Vanya and safely retrtieved the documents hidden by Commisar Vladitch prior to his capture.
The German commander Stbf v Chommely Werner was nearly captured in this action, however as this was not the main task, and the Gemran forces in the area were closing in rapidly it was decided to abandon the attmept .
On the morning of the 11th May, Soviet forces executed a rocket attack using the parachute deployed BM13 launcher. Damage to the German ammunition dump was observed, and the launcher destroyed to stop it falling into enemy hands.
The use of the mines was excellent, with all detonating with maximum effect .
Boris Bogdanvich

To OKW, Army Group Centre
From SS Stbf v Chommely Werner

Mein Herren
It is with great pleasure that I can report on the recent activity in the Bryansk Protectorate . On May 10th, Heer, SS and FJ forces under my control executed numerous convoys ferrying equipment from Petrograd to the Korp Munition Laager at Kursk . These convoys came under repeated attack from Soviet forces in the area. Some minor loss of ammuntion resulted, however the consignement known as Rhinemaiden passed through without incident. Casualties on the Soviet side were heavy , despite the standing order to concentrate on the transportation rather than anti Partisan activites . An attack was later attempted by the Soviets at the Forward Command Point at the crossroads south of Vanya, however this was easily repulsed by the superior German forces.
In the evening of the 10th , Soviets forces attepted to pentrate towards out main camp at Vanya . In this action it is believed that the notorious criminal, Boris "the bastard" Bogdanovich was killed, however his body was believed to have been removed by the Partisans as it was not found after the battle . The reports of a document cache as forwarded by the Feldpolitzei proved to be false : no such cache was found . I myself was captured by the Soviets for a short period until rescued by the superior German forces.
In the morning of the 11th , the Soviets attempted to launch a rocket attack against our Korps Ammunition Dump . Damage to the Dump was light and the launcher quickly captured, again with much loss of life amongst the Partisans during their attempt to recapture it . The launcher has now been forwarded to the RSHH Captured Arms Department at Kiev.
Once again the fighting spirit of the German soldier was exemplorary ,and Final Victory is within our sight .

Historical Note

As with all battles, there are always two sides to the story, and even those on the ground cannot always see the real picture. The damage done against the convoys did go a long way towards the failure, later in the summer, of Operation Zitadel . However, the failure of the Partisans to capture the secret consignment of gold did not help the plight of the civilians in the area, nor did it endear Boris to the NKVD when the German files were captured after the area was liberated . The action on the evening of the 10th was inconclusive ; the documents were retrieved by the Soviets, however the failure to capture v CW , or the Germans to capture Boris, did not make for a truly decisive victory .

The Katyusha attack on the morning of the 11th was successful , two out of three salvos were launched, before the launcher was accidentally blown up by the Russian commander. :rofl: This in itelf was timely, as the Russian defence was collapsing and the launcher was overun before a final salvo could have been prepared . The failure to recapture it despite a valiant attack and stalwart defence is something Boris would have been be unable to admit to the Soviet Command .

The Partisans of the Bryansk region continued their hit and run tactics, being a thorn in the Germans side until the area was liberated by the Red Army in 1944 . The German Forces under StBf v CW were decimated at Kursk later in the Summer, with the remants being withdrawn to Scicily to reform under an new commander....

And finally from me ...

I'd like to say a big thanks to all involved with this event . IED gave us a big vote of confidence in allowing us to use the site for the first time ever, as their continued use of this site was dependant on how well the Forestry Commision perceived we respected the site . I'm glad to say I think we lived up to that trust . Also like to thank Gavin (who is not an airsofter by nature) who spent the entire weekend before the event rebuilding two gearboxes to make one good one so that he wouldn't let us down ( I was having kittens over that one !)

All the players, as ever, were excellent . It's easy to forget how "normal open day" airsofting can be at times. We work with no marshalls , make players do lots of walking up and down hills , in high tempertures and wearing woollen uniforms ...and yet the usual mixture of good natured play and cameraderie shone through . No lost tempers, no whining ...just happy faces and a cracking social evening . It's a big chuff to us, and it's what keeps us keen to keep putting on these events .
Finally, those of you who went through Churchills, may know I have had a bit of a crisis of confidence about us ever again putting on a 24 hour game in large, tough terrain . This weekend has lain that ghost to rest . Many thanks for that .

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Posted : 13/05/2008 11:33 pm