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[Sticky] Battle for Bryansk Forests

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Battle for Bryansk forests

Bryansk, 200 miles SW of Moscow May 1943

Following the crushing German defeat at Stalingrad, the fortunes of war have swung toward Mother Russia. Survivors from the Russian 13th Army, encircled and destroyed in 1941, have been waging a fierce Partisan war for two years in the Bryansk forests. Aided by a growing number of civilians from the surrounding farms and homesteads, they now number 60,000, and are constant thorn in the Germans sides, destroying convoys and wiping out all forces sent against them.

In the months running up to what will eventually become Operation Citadel, the Germans are building stockpiles of arms and ammunition. As the Partisans learn of this activity, convoys are increasingly being targeted. By mid May it’s becoming a race against time for both sides. Can the Germans neutralise the Partisans and keep the roads clear to transport enough material to the forward supply dumps to support the push?…. or can the Partisans with their excellent local knowledge capture and destroy the German convoys before disappearing back into the forests……?

The Sides

15 Germans, any unit, usual CiA game rules for kit and weapons
15 Soviet / Partisan, usual CiA game rules for kit and weapons
Soviet is period or early post war Red Army. Partisan is WWII style civilians. Kit guide for Partisan coming soon.

Initially this is booked for 15 a side. we will have a reserve list as well , and open iot up as long as the sides remain balanced.

The Venue

1200 Acres of Eastern Front woodland (IED’s unplayed Shropshire site near Bishops Castle) set in a deep valley, with several miles of drivable tracks. Vehicles for convoys will be provided.

Game will be 24 hours, (11 am –11am Sunday ) with an overnight ceasefire. All sides will be in one large camp which will also act as a safezone. Forestry Commission will not allow overnighting on the Friday, however details of a local campsite will be made available. You will need to be on site ideally 9 am Saturday to pitch camp, register and be ready for game on at 11.

Cost £40.

Booking thread now open.

Posted : 15/02/2008 1:20 pm