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[Sticky] Official Booking Thread - Bryansk

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The Battle for Bryansk Forests

This is the official booking thread. As with Wotan , once you have booked and paid your name will appear on this list.

Before you book some final words about the event.

1. As this is a new site the FC have been sniffy about camping on site on the Friday, we'll continue to persuade the FC that this should be allowed however we'll also release details of a campsite nearby. You'll need to be on site by 9 am on the Saturday.
For the Saturday night, both sides will camp in the same spot, so there will be plenty of opportunity for fraternising, however given that there have been problems with on site raves, and the FC will be in attendance, we will have to be "restrained" in our famous socialising.

2. The site is huge, 1200 acres. That means it's a wooded valley 2 miles long and a mile across. We will have a couple of vehicles, however it does means players will be covering most of it by foot. If the thought of walking 5 miles in a weekend is beyond you, think twice. Also the event is 24 hours, with a break for sleeping, not just a day game. Not trying to put anyone off, just making you aware that you need to be reasonably fit.

3. We may put on some night action if players are keen to do so, otherwise assume it'll die down around 8-9pm on the Saturday. Although they are anachronistic, we will allow tracer units if you can get them onto a period gun.

4. If you have a period vehicle and want to use it in game call me on the number below.

Usual CiA rules re kit, weapons and camping.

That's all said now :D

Payment is in full £40 payable by Paypal to Include your full name, forum name and side playing .
15 places a side to start with although we will go up to 20 if we can keep the sides balanced.

Game fees are non-refundable however the place is transferable. If you are unable to attend then you may make your own arrangements to swap with another player, you can use the forum for this purpose. We only ask that you transfer German for German, Russian for Russian. If you want a side swap it must be approved by CiA organisers before transfer.

German-Any Uniform

Gavin - Driver

1. Anthony - (The Reich Stuff)
2. Derek Scott (JD7)
3. Pete Dunn - 9th SS Hohenstaufen
4. Andy Kneale (Steiner)
5. Che - Fallschirmjager
6. Fandanglos - Fallschirmjager
7. Neill Blume
8. Scott Hawkins (Snyper) - Fallschirmjager
9. Stu Dunn - Waffen SS
10. Guy Siddle (Seidler)
11. Stephen Davies (Steve.D) - Waffen SS
12. Gavin Crompton (Peppered)
13. Ray Nash (Bigray72) - Waffen SS
14. Paul Stirling (Pinkpanzer)
15. Michael Kavanagh (Kavster) - Luftwaffe Field Division

Partisan / WW2 Russian

Old 'Un

Ed- IED Staff
Troop- IED Staff
Dave-IED Staff

1. Barrie Quin - Red Army
2. Anne Quin - Red Army
3. Helga - Partisan
4. Richard Vaughan (Lardassmonkey) - Red Army
5. Pete Grice (Pete 59) - Red Army
6. Rhys Davis (Rhysd2) - Partisan
7. Jessica Davis Rhysd2's Missus) - Partisan
8. Craig McManus (Langolier) - Partisan
9. Richard Cartwright (mi-go-a-go-go) - Partisan
10. Daniel Hughes - Partisan
11. Will Stone (Devonshire Trooper) - Partisan
12. Ranjit Philora (CHThree) - Partisan

Posted : 07/03/2008 9:15 am