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Sooooooooooooooooo how was it

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Helga Geerhart
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Make me positively jealous I wasn't there pictures twitterings,comical moments etc

Posted : 11/05/2008 11:13 am
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I was just about to post the same question, slightly premature maybe but I can`t wait to see some least the weather stayed good :)

Posted : 11/05/2008 3:30 pm
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Heh, I'm now post-hot bath but still rather tender and craving a good night's sleep.

A bit cheeky of an organiser to reply to 'how was it' but from my POV it was an awesome weekend. The most physically demanding CiA game yet and players came up trumps - it was hard going but dodged determination and excellent play on both sides got us through. Fantastic moments of sneaky-beaky, full-on assaults, roving missions, big bangs plus a bit of taunting. Russians looked amazing with a good mix of uniform and civvies - bodes well for another Eastern front game sometime soon.

Oh, and the usual CiA social lived up to expectations!

My hope is that players came away with a bit of feel for the pain, pressure, adrenalin rush, elation, disappointment and yes, drudgery, of a WW2 battle. Well, a least of how you might imagine a WW2 battle to be...

Posted : 11/05/2008 4:43 pm
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Now that I'm showered and dressed, I'll add my thoughts. What can I say? Fantastic weather, a brilliant, vast site, great people and the usual CiA thoroughness in time travel to the 1940's!

The standard of kit was superb on both sides and the bolt action rifle really came into its' own for this game. Tense patrols, long walks and intense firefights and no quarter given by either side made this a memorable game for all.

Best moments for me, well, I had quite a few! I think the Russians bimbling down a road to set up a regen point about 6 feet away from where myself, my Brother and Neilblume had set up a hidden OP was pretty good! In the name of fair play, I got up and said "we'd better move then", and the Russians had a collective heart attack when my buddies stood up as well, only a few feet away. I had a fair few sneaky moments but I won't gloat or bore anyone by going into them. I was also particularly happy to collect my share of the reward for shooting "Borris the Bastard"! I can safely say that I clocked up many miles on foot, because I wouldn't get in a vehicle unless I had to! Respect to the guys who were hardcore (or stupid) enough to join me on my jollies.

There was fair play all round, everyone took their hits and noone lost their temper in the heat. It was great to see some new faces along with the usual suspects as well and everyone got on really well. I think that the Germans bonded and functioned particularly well, the attack on the Katyusha was executed with ruthless speed and efficiency and the objective achieved about an hour (I think!) faster than expected!

Can't wait to see the photos Snyper took and roll on the next game I can get to.

When I want your opinion - I'll tell you what it is!

Posted : 11/05/2008 6:13 pm
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truely fantastic game. grueling, hot, hard, but amazing. the site was out of this world. climbing those steep ridges to get behind the germans was challanging but got there in the end. big thanks to Ranj for following me up there and HUGE props to barrie for carrying the bren up there!

no one real moment stood out for me, the whole battle from little patrols to huge fights was unlike any other cia game yet. comical moment.... we were stood at the top of the hill taunting the germans and I decided to give it a braveheart moon. guy then decided to put a hole in my arse cheek! must admit didnt hurt half as much as I expected and certainly got a good laugh. another was steiner laying on his back on the top track with myself and some IED chaps shooting up at him as he promptly popped 3 odd stick grenades and tried to roll them down the track at us from the lying position.

the social again was amazing fun despite the rave. cant wait for the next one. big thanks to the IED guys though they were fantastic

Posted : 11/05/2008 6:57 pm
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Glad you have enjoyed yourselves guys & gals. It was a great event & us on the IED staff enjoyed all the skirmishes & pitched battles we were involved in. Made a change to be able to not worry about planning & organisation & just to have some fun, which we did in spades. Really, really enjoyed it & i know i can speak for all at IED on that one.

We hope you'll all want to come again at some point. CiA events are always welcome at IED sites. All we do is turn up & open the gates for you all. Its you guys & the efforts made with kit & cracking gameplay that make the events such a great time. Well done to all & especially Guy & the rest of the planning staff for another cracking gameplan & some hoofin props.
Fella, that 'Stalin Organ' was the puppies privates. Christ knows what the neighbours think when your knocking this stuff together in the back garden. B&Q must shit themselves when you walk through the door.

A great weekend.

Thanks to all.


Posted : 11/05/2008 8:03 pm
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well at the end of the day we stood chating and someone asked who one and after a very short time we all decided that we did not care as evry last one of us had such a great time. excelent weekend another cia triumph , big thanks to the organizers great bangs .and i loved the russian rocket luancher much laughs.

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Posted : 11/05/2008 8:12 pm
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That's me just home. Will reply with more tomorrow when I'm awake...

Posted : 11/05/2008 11:13 pm
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Whats a scream!!!

I like to do a bit of a personal write up after evey event i'm involved in, so here goes

have to agree with everything Ed (Echo66) says......what a this was my first WW2 event I was'nt quite sure what to expect, what I did'nt expect the level of commitment and gameplay from everyone there, I said before that it was'nt my intention to actually take part in the game play on doctors orders (....sod that!!...), but after a bit of prodding by my fellow IED cohorts I conceaded...and boy am I glad I did... :D

The "single shot" skirmish on saturday evening was an absolute giggle, esepcially seeing the blade with a almost picture perfect hole in the middle of his forehead and claret eveywhere (those bloody GBB K98,s, not to say the blokes holding, em are awesome!!!)....blade or no blade he was still cackin it about what his missus was gonna say when he got home!!!! :rofl:

...not so funny (well to me at the time anyway.....) was being shot in me nad by one of me own comrades with a thompson!!....felt it hit...split second of nothing then WALLOP!.....pain like no other....ladies...ever wondered what being a man was like?....well imagine the baby being pushed back in....wearing boots!!!.... i had tears in my eyes, reaaly was ready to blart... a lump in me throat (that was me nad, I'm sure of it....) and Guy and Ed in hysterics next to me....full of sympathy them two.... :whistle: ...........apologies to the bloke i shot who was already dead...but i could'nt see you FFD....your oppo got me with the bang rule in repayment degrading is that......rather have had another round in the elbow skin (then again maybe not...... : sick :)......... Absolutly cracking little punchup......

Then Sunday came along.....and did I enjoy myself?...has Guy got a pot belly? never cease to amaze me with you ingenuity, the Stalin organ was excellent!!....watching it fire was impressive, but having a firefight against German troops, with bb's actaully whistling (yes whistling!!...) past my head, splintering bark (yes splintering!!...) of the tree i was cowering behind (yes I said cowering!!!!...those K98's are terrifying....down a slope, 75meters, buzzing past my head....another 25 meters and kicking up dirt on the track!!! ...what else was supposed to do except cower!!...slightly deranged i may be...bloody stupid i ain't..:shock: ....the two welts on my side will be there for days...... : :blink: ), with the sound of the "Organ" playing in the background and explosions going off all around was surreal to say the least....I had the blade and the para either side of me...and all 3 of us were grinning at each other like idiots.......oh....a funny like no other which caused me to collapse laughing....Pete trundling up the track. chinnstrapped...... while i protected the flank....... only for his trousers to fall down!!! 14 months of airsoft i have'nt laughed that hard....sorry, top stuff.......

the Final battle was an excellent finale.....standing on the top of the track looking down at the German column moving in the valley.....we noted a sniper taking aim at us approx 200+ meters away...."whats that tit doing"...says I....cue giggle!!!...200+ metres!!!! you having a laugh ain't ya....ZIP....oh shit!!!...that focused us......Time for some Keenie meenie stuff....down the valley across the stream up the otherside onto the track for a flanking assault.....3 ex-forces led by a blade...took 20 minutes of graft...only to have Barry pop up in front us without being aware we were there...on his own.... in full russian soldier dress, lugging a Bren Gun!!!!....then he climbs up on a 15 foot pile of logs and begins to put down a withering hail of fire....using controlled bursts...just like it should be done!!!....awesome awesome stuff bloke, you looked and sounded the puppies plums........big respect to you.... :thumbs:

In all people from my own personal POV......Bloody allround excellent!!....IED Games are just as good yes, but in a completely differnt way, we take our Milsim very seriously (as Guy knows)...normally we have to come up with games ideas, organise, do admin, look after clients and their needs, as well as deal with 101 other things...this time it was nice just to turn up, join in, and enjoy ourselves without worrying to much about all that.....

Yep.....well done all, everyone of you will always be welcome at IED :thumbs:

.....can't wait for the next CiA / IED game now......!!! :mexican:

Posted : 12/05/2008 5:38 am
Joseph Porta
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looks like everyone enjoyed themselfs , bastards :rasp: :rasp: :rasp: :rasp:

i didnt think about this game once over the weekend, not at all :whistle:

glad everyone had such a great time :D

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Posted : 12/05/2008 6:22 am
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Neill and I travelled up together, had a nice sociable evening with Del, Kav, Pete, B & A, Lardy, Ranj and the Yorkies, at the pub next door to the Travelodge... only to remember that we were supposed to be meeting Big Ray in Ludlow! :oops: Fortunately, he was too busy - but lesson learned - always get phone numbers if you're arranging a meetup!

Cracking whether - I was certainly glad I had my lightweight canvas uniform. Great to meet new friends, and I hope to see you at future events. :) The Katyusha was awesome, and as people have mentioned, the K98s were immense. Because I'd forgotten to charge my battery, I switched from my MP40 on the second day, to Neill's K98 - the first time I've used one. Unfortunately, he only had black BBs, and I didn't hit a thing partly because I couldn't see the fall of shot. :roll: The one kill I got with it was when a partisan popped out about 15 metres away, and I just instinctively pulled the trigger - thanks to you for taking it without complaint of the pain!

The site itself was a real tester - forests on inclines that felt like 45 degrees, made going up - and down - really hard work. I ripped the leg of my M37s on a jagged pine branch - fortunately it only grazed my skin - and I think we were quite fortunate not to have any injuries. Many thanks to Gavin who drove his Landy around the place for two days, lugging kit and troops.

Thanks to all who organised, and all who took part - roll on the next one. (And don't forget Operation Haggard in July! :wink: )

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Posted : 12/05/2008 7:40 am
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Sweaty, dusty, hard, fun, fun, fun!!!!!!

Many comedy moments, two Orders of the Cockerel marksman award (its a new airsoft one for the Germans) 1st class to Kav (as it was a first shot of the day) and second class to Neil (as it was during combat).

Kav's sneaky beaky moment....not! but I'll let him explain.

Hats off to the Heer full wool wearers, I wrung mine out at the end...uugh : sick : .

I have got to say the single shot game at the end of Saturday was excellent. Definately the way to go, even if my vsr fell apart :(

Looking forward to the next one,

Rave on! :rocker: :mexican: (just shut up!!) :banghead:

Peter Rabbit - Tank Killer

Posted : 12/05/2008 8:36 am
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Was a fantastic weekend, never put so much ammo thorough my mp40 at one event, was so much more fun than using hi caps, I think I used near 3000 rounds, the site was awesome, the area where the last battle was - was awesome, top marks for Barry getting on top of the log pile, the use of the landrovers was great, saved my legs on a few occasions, thanks to everyone for the best CIA game so far!


Posted : 12/05/2008 8:47 am
Devonshire Trooper
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Amazing day absolutely perferct from start to finish, il write a detailed report tomorrow when i post my photos.

Posted : 12/05/2008 12:43 pm
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Kavster and i arrived in good time - we were drinking Guinness and enjoying the sun in the beergarden next to the Travelodge in Ludlow by 16:30 :D

Steiner, Neill and Lardassmonkey turned up, then Pete, Anne and Barrie and eventually the others lol

Had of great catch and laugh with everyone else that was staying there and Ranj also made it from his B&B.
Thunder and Lightning storms were amazing, sheet and forked lightning and it only rained for 15 minutes or so.

We convoyed to the site after a few of us stopped off at a roadside burger van for a quick bite and cup of tea. I think we scared the hell out of the women who was working - most of us wearing German kit apart from our 'captured' Partisan Lardassmonkey :lol:.

After setting up camp, game/safety briefing's and introduction's,it was gear-up and out for the first games.

Convoy Patrol after setting up the road block was very intense, knowing that there was ruskie's out there but not sure where.

I was tail-end Charley of the foot patol, scanning the road/roadside for wires and controlling the movement of the vehicles. It appears that Heide and the rest of the patrol were slightly to efficient and engaged the opposition, before we should have - oh well. So we continued on up to the ammo crates, leapfrogging down the road stopping only to investigate a landmine and I moved that to the roadside.

On the several attempts to return the containers/ammo boxes to the checkpoint we got 'bounced', I'll never forget being hit by a BB, then Pete59 throwing a grenade and it rolling down to near enough hitting my back - I jumped down the slope to the road and was killed by the blast.

When the soviet's decided to attack the roadblock to get one of the ammo boxes we recoved, they charged down the hill - I'll never forget watching Pete59 in his 'clown suit' running down, losing he footing and thinking omg, if he falls he'll roll down that track to the bottom - it was very steep and rutted.

The evening single shot game to capture/kill Guy was fantastic - deffo one to do again at some point. i remember taking the long way round with Anthony,Carl and Che and then moving into the woodland where the action was taking place. As we moved towards the scream's of Chommer's asking for help, I checked behind me and I could see one of the IED guys moving down the slope towards our positions.

We exchanged shots and I finally heard that unique 'WHACK' as i hit him - I heard him shout out "Hit, Good hit" not sure who it was but I was just glad to end the noise of bb's whizzing past or hitting the tree's where i was.

We all moved in and saved Chommer's, then were attacked as we attempted to get him to a safer place. I got hit and was waiting to be medic'ed, Carl took out quite a few players with "BANG" kills. I got Hit by Troop, but hey it happens, it was woodland I was slightly downslope from him and all he could see was my head - no hard feelings.

The Saturday night social was great, good to catch up with everyone and unwind. The circus flame blowers were just crazy !! I'll let Guy and Che discuss that lol. Was a bit of a late one - even Kavster was a sleep, in the oddest position I've seen - sat in a chair, but leaning right at 45 degrees.

So we wound up the social and headed to our tents - then were interupted by an illegal rave, oh and Kavsters snoring. If I had had a working pistol with me - I would have shot him.

Sunday was an early start - the rave was still going on and the music had been cranked up at some point. Anyway we had breakfast, welcome cups of tea/coffee and got organised.

Chommers, Che, me and a few others were waiting for transport to turn up so we could join the already deployed germans. Up the track wandered a, let just say slightly worse for wear, lost raver !!! he must have had a shock and the group of germans with guns, Dave sorted him out with directions and a bottle of water. I wonder if he's still out there or finally made it out of the woodland hehe

Time to find and destroy the Rocket Launcher - We approached the checkpoint and could see halfway up the track Guy and his organ :rofl: we continued in the transport to a position above the rocket launcher site.

The Germans split into two forces and the group I was with engaged the IED guys off to the left. Some good hits from both sides, but we then noticed we were getting close to the Russian regen point. we bugged out and mover right, then progressed down the slope towards the rocket site.

Progressing down the slope, firing my K98 at the opposition defending the site I shot Steve(Headshot) just below the windpipe - :shock:. Che was ahead and to the right of me, Lardassmonkey hit him, then with my next shot took him out - fantastic.

The Germans then took the rocket position - objective completed.

We then carried the rocket to a new position, then the fun began again. IED and russians flanking the positions and firefights began.

due to the weather the range on the K98's was fantastic, shooting and killing players on the opposite side of the ravine - :twisted: I'll never forget Barrie, making it from the far side of the ravine to the huge logpile on the German side and setting up his Bren. Kermit and Barrie then had a stand off with support weapons, the IED guys moved in from the trees behind us and there were bb's flying in all directions.

Cheers to everyone who organised this game and those that took - absolutely blinding weekend.


Posted : 12/05/2008 1:25 pm
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This post is dedicated in ascending order to Blade (IED) Pete_59 and Troop (IED).

While looking on the very excellent (but a bit pricey) Wolf Armouries site lovingly at the Tanaka K98 I came accross the following quote:

"This rifle is a collectors rifle and is not designed for skirmishing. It will run best on 134a Summer Gas due to the more delicate internals. Using Green Gas will exert too much pressure and cause damage and techical difficulties."

So, gentlemen can those dedicated above comment on whether they have had any technical difficulties with their delicate internals and to what extent did excessive pressure cause damage? :twisted:

Peter Rabbit - Tank Killer

Posted : 12/05/2008 1:56 pm
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Letter from Unterscharfuhrer Felix Deutmann to his mother:

My Dearest Mother,
Once again i write to you fresh from the heat of battle. I am still at a loss as to why I was sent to the Bryansk forests after our glorious capture of Herr Churchill, and now there are rumours floating around that we did not in a fact capture the gentleman in question , but merely an impostor!. What a travesty I hope someone gets shot for this!

Here, dearest mother we had to reinforce the sadly depleted remnants of our once glorious German Army. I have never seen such a motley crew, there were fallschirmjaegers , luftwaffe officers and enlisted men all mixed up together. Of course our little band of SS tropps were very much noticeable as the elite battle hardened veterans we are.

Our first mission was to escort a supply convoy between some of our mountain bases, this was perfect territory for the bolsheviks to mount ambushes on us a as we traversed these rugged mountain passes. This was probably the toughest terrain I have been on in this long war with craggy hills and rugged mountain forests. Naturally as the SS we took the lead showing the way by escorting the convoy on foot. and it wasnt long before our training showed it s merits. Obviously the bolsheviks have very poor training as our lead man spotted them immediately. We engaged the ambush before it was properly sprung, but were unable to follow up because our convoy leader ordered us back down on the road, where the ruskies gave us a good and proper pasting! Whatever these bolsheviks lack in training they certainly make up for in fighting spirit! This was very frustrating, it seems that the german army is now concerned with safety, not fighting, gone are the glorious days of blitkrieg, aggression and victory! we are now reduced to behaving like little old ladies on a shopping trip, all while we are fighting these Untermenschen!

For the best part of the campaign we ran the gauntlet of these russian ambushes, and our losses were high, I myself got wounded from very close range in the ear but never mind dear mother it has not ruined my dashing good looks and after being treated I was soon back in the fray, linking up with some fellow SS troops who were more suited to my style of fighting. It was only later due to the brave action of one of our number engaging the ruskies singlehandedly on their flank that we were able to run the gauntlet of the russians ambushes, and succesfully deliver some of our precious supplies.

Once again the superior training of the SS was apparent when we were sent on a scouting mission, and were so well camouflaged that the bolsheviks almost set up there base camp on top of us! Imagine their surprise when we came up out of the bushes!. They bolsheviks then mounted an attack on our base but we drove them off after much bitter fighting. They are very brave but very foolish, charging into the mouths of our waiting guns at point blank range. there seem not to be many regular soldiers among them but many civilians holding captured guns.

Yet again our superior SS training came to the for when we were able to sneak right up to the new russian command post and shoot their leader!

Due low ammunition we had to regroup as we heard that the russians were trying to capture our leader and we were in turn to retry to capture theirs, this was going to be a challenge, as our troops morale was low after the pounding we received from the ambushes. We had to conserve our ammunition as well, as we were running low as by all accounts were the ruskies. Leaving the main group my new found SS comrades and i went off to find the russian leader but we re very soon involved in the thick of the fighting, and the russians out flanked us again and captured our leader! this was not so good and Heide and his brother and i were involved in bitter fighting to get him back. You would be proud of me dear mother as i spent the afternoon crawling through the undergrowth shooting Russian after Russian almost alone in the forest, save for the odd insect and small animal. It very much reminded me of my days in the woods with Uncle Gustav, he would have been proud seeing the accuracy with which i was placing my shots! I eventually had to go back to the base camp as i ran out of ammunition. I was rewarded for my efforts in shooting the Russian leader with some Reichsmarks which will be making their way to you and my dear sister soon.

At last, dear mother, evening came, and such was the cameraderie among us it seemed as if the war was long forgotten and we were once again just friend drinking beers and reminiscing around the campfire except we were not allowed to light a fire as it would have given our position away!. Someone had captured some russian vodka and we had a fun night, turning in early to be fresh for whatever the next day brought us!

Morning came all to soon and after preparing for disembarkation we were soon rounded up to go back into the fray. News reached us that there was a Russian rocket launcher in the hills nearby. You may hope that you never see one of these dear mother as it is too terrifying to behold! It fires screaming rockets at our brave soldiers trying to defend the Fatherland from these brutal hordes.

Again led by the SS contingent we found the rocket launcher and with a well co-ordinated attack, captured and destroyed it. These Bolsheviks play dirty there were many hidden explosives and they took their toll on our men. But it was a fine example of the German army at its finest, proud men pushing home an attack aggressively and at speed. The Fuhrer himself would have been proud! This is how battles should be fought! A bitter counterattack followed with both sides taking heavy casualties, I was involve all afternoon in hunting down snipers who were trying to outflank us, there was one particular sniper who had been very effective, and it seemed as if there was some unwritten rule that had locked us in some individual combat, like the knights of old.Of course with the aid of my woodland skill learnt from uncle gustav, and my SS experience I was able to neutralise him right at the end of the battle as we were getting new orders to pull out. so I am now able to write this letter to you my loving mother and sister.

We are now making our way back to more familiar territory, we have heard that the British and Americans have launched an operation in the Loire valley called Operation Haggard, and me and my old kamerad Steiner will be taking charge of the German defenses! this is a great honour as finally I feel that I am able to perform my most sacred duty to the Fatherland to its fullest.

The fighting on the Russian front, dear mother is the most brutal thing i have seen - neither side took any prisoners or gave any quarter, but one must remember that such drastic action is necessary if we are to protect our civilisation from these brutal unintelligent hordes!. I am looking forward to some rest and getting my weapons cleaned and serviced.
Until next time dearest Mother,
Sieg Heil
your devoted son

Vorsprung durch Blitzkreig !
Speed, aggression and Hugo Boss
the innocent have nothing to fear......[img][/img]

Posted : 12/05/2008 2:16 pm
Devonshire Trooper
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We convoyed to the site after a few of us stopped off at a roadside burger van for a quick bite and cup of tea. I think we scared the hell out of the women who was working - most of us wearing German kit apart from our 'captured' Partisan Lardassmonkey :lol:.

So we continued on up to the ammo crates, leapfrogging down the road stopping only to investigate a landmine and I moved that to the roadside.

"Hit, Good hit" not sure who it was but I was just glad to end the noise of bb's whizzing past or hitting the tree's where i was.

firing my K98 at the opposition defending the site I shot Steve(Headshot) just below the windpipe - :shock:.

I know i drove past you guys at the side of the road there, gave me a laugh :) as you were moving that mine i was about 10 meters away from you with my gun aimed at you the whole time, i just follow orders :wink: i do belive it might have been me you shot there i was shooting at someone for a while then i turned around and got shot in the back with a "THWACK" and i said "Hit, Good Hit" because well lets face it, it was :D and Headshot didnt like being shot in the neck all that much :lol:

Posted : 12/05/2008 2:21 pm
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This post is dedicated in ascending order to Blade (IED) Pete_59 and Troop (IED).

While looking on the very excellent (but a bit pricey) Wolf Armouries site lovingly at the Tanaka K98 I came accross the following quote:

"This rifle is a collectors rifle and is not designed for skirmishing. It will run best on 134a Summer Gas due to the more delicate internals. Using Green Gas will exert too much pressure and cause damage and techical difficulties."

So, gentlemen can those dedicated above comment on whether they have had any technical difficulties with their delicate internals and to what extent did excessive pressure cause damage? :twisted:

Well I dunno about Pete....but The blades injury was obvious... :shock: ....he said, walking back to our LUP, and I quote....."it stung a bit"......not sure if that's a mark of respect or derision coming from him...... :D ...all i know is when i cleaned it up....had a perfect round indentation in the flesh.......hoooooofin!!!!! :P for me....I copped two in the rib, under the right arm......I had many more hits from other weapons....but you know when one of them buggers hit you!!!! :cry: ...oh yes.....thankfully only there...had a few pass close by me head....and deffo make a differnt sound, especially after clipping a branch on the way past......

wonder if they do a Jimpy in gas!!!!!!

Posted : 12/05/2008 2:30 pm
Barrie and Anne
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I had three or four K98 bullets whizz past my head on the Saturday night and they sounded just like the sound effects on Saving Private Ryan i.e. bloomin' scary.

Excellent weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed it all. Best event yet.

The convoy "ambushes" were really intense after a bit of a wait, then short and sharp action followed by a bit of mopping up - just like you imagine it would be. (Note to Che - I'm not really that unfit - I wasn't puffed out just hyperventilating due to the excitement!)

The funniest bit was our suicidal attack en-masse (at least it was supposed to be) down the track. The Red Army was given the "honour" of leading the charge and we started out only to find that the footing was so treacherous the best we could do was a gay trot, only to watch Pete59 sailing past at break-neck (literally) speed, and the Germans concentrating all their weight of fire onto him in an attempt to slow him down.

On Sunday our defence of the rocket launcher was a bit shambolic but anyway...

I did try to drum up some support for my lone excursion across the valley to the woodpile but by that time Lardass was out of ammo and Dan just thought I was mad. I therefore decided to either try to hook up with the IED lads or just cause a distraction to help my comrades attacking the vehicles. Luckily for me the IED chaps turned up behind me just in time and we had a fun little long range firefight.

Thanks to Comrade Ranj, who rustled up some more volunteers (Anne and Craig) to do the half mile clamber across the valley to come to our aid and press our flanking attack, but sadly they arrived just as the whistle went. Incidentally, I think we need an intermediate command tier and I vote for Ranj and Rhys for section leaders next time.

Anne's highlight was shooting Chomley von Werner mid-sprint and watching him take a tumble.

Thanks to all the organisers for all the work they put in and some fantastic props.

Posted : 12/05/2008 2:55 pm
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