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[Sticky] After battle reports - here

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Hi guys I've posted this up now as I'm on hols next week :good:

Heer Schmidt

Posted : 17/03/2011 8:07 am
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Had a lot of fun! Seems someone my age really can run around, jump through windows, storm buildings and all that stuff and still be in one piece afterwards. God, am I suffering now though! Everything aches and, after a long, hot bath, I've discovered lots of welts, cuts and scrapes that tell the tale of my weekend but, it was totally worth it!

Good to meet so many people who were new to me and to be made to feel welcome by them all. Just goes to prove that forum posts are no substitute for face to face contact and playing alongside/against each other.

I spent a good deal of the game as a "link man", passing intel back to HQ and generally plugging any gaps in the line or linking up with various units to assist them. That way, I got to meet virtually everyone on the allied side and my enjoyment was all the better for it. I witnessed some really good play on both sides. I think what carried it for the allies was our teamwork. Noone went off on their own and, any Germans who tried to lonewolf it got mown down by coordinated allied arcs of fire.

No real negatives that I didn't discuss with Josh or Gadge face to face and, overall, a really enjoyable weekend. Thanks to Josh and his gang for putting it all together.

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Posted : 20/03/2011 10:15 pm
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What a top weekend! Most excellent venue, weather and game play made for a memorable event.
Huuuge thanks to Josh and his team! Great work guys!
Saturday saw much german blood soak the dutch soil with the Brits "putting it up 'em" severely! Early skirmishes around the church and forward buildings so the Jerries repelled. After falling back to secondary positions, the British continued to control the cross roads at the church with well entrenched static defenses and cavalier fighting patrols!
The german payed a high toll for every inch! The battle raged at either end of the town. And. Rumours reached us that the Yanks had been pushed back. The brits the whent on the attack and a superb battle ensued through the graveyard and up the hill to knock out both AT guns! Spiffing jobs and in time for tea and medals! The brits fell back from the hill and worked back to reinforce dog and easy companies of the Yank airborne! My moment of glory arrived as I fragged a Jerry with a 40ft throw from one upstairs room to another in the opposite house! I thank you! Some superb close quarter battles followed with the infamous house number 6 proving to be the place to occupy! Many died in the effort! The day ended with the Jerrys being kept from their objectives save a few demolished buildings. Sunday, the paced slowed but the quality of the engagement held. The Jerries encircled the town with the Allies dispursed around the centre. Some fierce room to room, close quarters combat ground on with knife and grenade kills taking their toll! And this was how the day continued! Thouroughly enjoyed clearing two buildings alone as my party had died on entry! Sorry to the kruats I dropped (one in the door way and in the back and the other in the balls at the top of the stairs)! The day wore on with SgtHeide doing some stirling room clearences and Doug and Dog company leading the way! A most excellent game with so many things going on in so many places! Thanks again to Josh who was as helpful and generous as ever (knife kill Josh!! Hehehehe), to Dog company for their never ending generosity, friendship and hospitality and to 2 section who adopted me and Gary and christened me "house wife" after a field repair to my BD! Happy days!


Posted : 20/03/2011 11:10 pm
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An awesome weekend couldnt wait for it too start :happyswing: on saturday and didnt want it too end on the sunday :happydance:

Big thanks to josh :ghey: and the lads for an awesome weekend :good:

A big thumbs up to gadge and his 2ic (cant remener your name sry :slap: :slap: :slap: ) :happyclap: they did an excellent job of commanding the allied forces this added another excellent level to the gameplay :good:

As a brit para i know we got run ragged :rofl: in countering the jerry attacks and dont doubt our other units were too :happyswing:

Lets also not forget the germans who despite been outnumbered made an awesome effort in attacking us :happyclap: also a final mention to the dutch on both sides they made an awesome contribution on both sides and the detail of their kit made them look the excellent :good: good job guys :happydance:

Posted : 20/03/2011 11:24 pm
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My 2IC was Evo/Diselmonkey who was run ragged as I cant move that much so he litterally did the job of runner for a lot of the event wth Sgt Heide.

Have to echo everything said to date, great to game with guys I havnt had chance to before.

Sgt Heide was like a boomerang running around the site keeping me informed of where the guys cut off from radio contact were and a godsend. As he says the allies played well in small sections and fireteams which paid off when theymet small german patrols of 2 or 3 men and were able to put down much more fire power.

That said the axis were outnumbered but rarely outgunned. Lots of aggression and momentum from the germans (especially the FJ2 guys) meant that as soon as we plugged one gap another was openng up.

And.... building six.... i *never* want to see that building again!

That changed hands more time than an live L2 frag in a game of pass the parcel...

"I think we are in rats' alley - Where the dead men lost their bones."

Posted : 21/03/2011 9:39 am
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Sgt Heide was like a boomerang running around the site keeping me informed of where the guys cut off from radio contact were and a godsend.

Up to the point of taking a walkie talkie from a dead yank and sending reports as the Germans infiltrated the woods! I enjoyed the role I found for myself, it worked well and helped raise my fitness level! I'm glad I was of some use, at least!

I have to agree on building 6! I think I used most of my pyro's on the damned place, with us retaking it at least 3 times! I have some spectacular welts from an MP44 as the Germans counterattacked it on one occassion.

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Posted : 21/03/2011 11:19 pm
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An absolutely awesome weekender! Thanks Josh :good:

High points, Satuday mornings defense of the Allied R/H flank by a depleteted force of DogCo, ever weakening as we redeployed to plug gaps, reload or set up some demo bangs, watching the LtCol holding the flank solo by brazenly standing on a wall directing a squad of ficticious troops.... It worked for about 15mins until he was rumbled :rofl:
Taking out Josh and two more Germans (and one of my own but he was almost KIA anyway) with a set of charges in building8 with my "blasting machine" set up across the road in building18...
Putting faces to names and having a few scoops with old freinds and new on Saturday night, and not being hung over on Sunday morning (phew)
Sundays defense of "Bloody6"!!! Some of my best sniping with a Thompson, single shot only, conserving the 300rnd limit for as long as possible seeing some of the best "Crown green bowling" with a BFG ever as the German who rolled one my way, bowled his 2nd the length of the top floor of "Bloody6" for the grenade to stop by the feet of the Allied sniper, Top marks to you Sir!
The Dutch resistance "Interpreter" who spoke impecible BBC English to us Yanks and repeated to his crew in a great comedy Dutch accent. And in general the roleplay from all sides added to the gameplay immensely, :good: to all of you/us.....

And far to many more to remember
Low points......
It was a bit chilly at night!

Posted : 22/03/2011 9:01 am
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Well, two days later, and I'm still broken. First event of the year for me, and even taking into account my crippled knees, i'm still incredibly unfit!

Working as Gadge's runner/2ic meant i was trotting off everywhere for two days, and so I managed to meet up with most of you allies over the weekend, which was great, I even got to fight alongside a few of you, (when my sten batteries decided to work!)

Getting those mortars into position on the Sunday, and then defending them from repeated German attacks from all sides was a massive challenge, and probably what broke me!

I thought we'd lost them on several occasions, but when the smoke cleared, they were still where we left them, and so we managed to recover and set them up, just!

Also good fun to shoot at, and be shot at, by all you Germans, and your Dutch collaborators, too. Hopefully we'll get more of a chance to have a natter at Minsk, where myself and Gadge are swapping to the Axis for that one.

All in all, a fantastic weekend of airsoft, at a brilliant site. Can't wait to do it all again!

Posted : 22/03/2011 11:29 am