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[Sticky] Battle for Nijmegen Battle Orders....and additional rules

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Battle for Nijmegen Battle Orders.

Axis Counter Attack 21 September 1944
Axis Objectives
• Deploy 2 AT guns at fixed positions to stop Allied Armour being brought into the Battle.
• Destroy the Allies mobile radar station and give the Luftwaffe the edge in the skies again.
• The British have 2 81mm Mortars set up facing towards Ressen which could hamper German re-enforcements to the counter attack.
• The old German HQ was destroyed during the initial attack on the Town but important files were evacuated before it fell. These documents must be returned to the German HQ as they contain important information of the Dutch resistance and its spy network.
• There are a number of government buildings that the High Command has ordered destroyed, these building will be identified by collaborators behind the allied lines.
• By the end of Day 5 the Germans need to control 4 of the 7 CPs in the field.

Allied Objectives
• Destroy fixed AT guns.
• Protect the town and all objectives
• Control 4 of the 7 CPs by the end of day 5

Additional rules
The Dutch – Collaborators (Bright Red Armband) and Resistance fighters (Orange Armband).
These two groups have been sorted out from the beginning, the resistance players will be wearing their orange armbands from the start, however the collaborators won’t be wearing their armbands unless they are discovered arrested, killed or break complete their objectives.
Whilst in the field all Dutch will be starting with the Allied forces and MUST fight as Allied. However as the battle progresses, the Collaborators will have a list of objectives to complete including leaving intelligence for the Germans and marking buildings (remember at this point no armband is worn). The Allies can only arrest collaborators if they are ‘caught’ doing something they shouldn’t such as marking buildings, moving weapons in crate, leaving intelligence for the Germans to find etc. If armed all Dutch MUST fight as an Allied player and can only open fire on allies if their cover is blown!! at which point (if the survive the initial engagement) they MUST don their Collaborator Armband and try to hook up with Axis units. They have 10 mins to do this or take a KIA and walk to the Axis HQ for re-deployment.

This stops allies from being shot in the back!!!

When all Collaborator objectives are completed they must all make their way to the Axis HQ and join the counter attack.
However if caught, killed or find their cover is blown, all collaborators must make their way to the Axis HQ and don the Collaborators armband and join the fight as Axis for the remainder of the game.


Guys, everyone needs to play in the spirit of the game, it wont stop the battle for being fantastic but will ruin this addition to the game.

Heer Schmidt

Posted : 09/03/2011 4:34 pm