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[Sticky] Battle for Nijmegen event INFO

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Filmsim Events in association with Gunman Airsoft proudly presents…

OPERATION MARKET GARDEN ‘The Battle for Nijmegen’

March 19-20 2011
Sennybridge, South Wales

£85 pre-booked and paid –
A deposit of £45 must be made to secure your place.

Day-4 20th September 1944
The Battle is in full swing the as has taken a down turn for the Allies. The bridge at Nijmegen has been secure but at great loss with the costly attack being known as ‘Little Omaha’. A combined British and US force has battled to secure the town and clear out all enemy, but there is no respite.

Day-5 21st September 1944
The Germans have re-enforced the defences at Ressen and have started to make counter attacks along Highway 69 ‘Hells Highway’ which is key to the whole operation. With so many Allied units still trying to find ways across the river Rhine and the battle now being fort across such a huge area, the troops at Nijmegen must dig in and be prepared for sustained German counter attack with only limited supplies and resources.

It is Vital that the Town remains in Allied Hands as the Fighting in Arnhem isn’t going well and this may end up being the main crossing point across the Rhine and into German.

As with all our battles, we don’t change History. This battle is one of many happening at the same time, but we are focusing on what may have happened in this part of ‘the Battle for Nijmegen’

More will get added.

Heer Schmidt

Posted : 09/12/2010 10:25 am
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Event details for Battle for Nijmegen.

Hi all, as per Caen.

Bar and food will be kept in one big barn NO DRINKING anywhere else but in the Barn!! If we get caught anywhere else we will never be allowed back on.

Fully stocked Airsoft shop provided by All About Airsoft and be set up in the social barn as well.

Feel free to bring your battery chargers as there is power in a few of the buildings.

We will have to set up a series of signs and you will be able to bring your own vehicles on site which is great news.

All rubbish must be put in bins and all will be asked to help run a broom round on the Sunday to help clear up!!!!!

WATER –BRING PLENTY OF WATER!!! The water on site is’nt great so I advise all to bring plenty with you.

SLEEPING - all will be sleeping in the buildings with power and all staff will be in the Church. Make sure you bring bed + sleeping gear.

So excited again, cant wait to get stuck in!!

more to follow

Heer Schmidt

Posted : 30/12/2010 10:09 am
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Wow :happyswing: sounds utterly awesome! Can't wait. Really got ma buzz on for this! :happydance:

Posted : 06/01/2011 9:14 pm
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Hello! I and two friends are booked in for this event, we are driving up saturday morning. What time should we be there by? cheers Joe!

Try to be on site for 8.30 mate.

Heer Schmidt

Posted : 07/03/2011 10:14 pm
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See you all there!!! :happyclap:

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Posted : 18/03/2011 11:56 am