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Formed in May 1943 the 1st Tadeusz Kościuszko Infantry Division was to be the basis of the planned 1st Polish Army, under General Zygmut Berling, formed to fight alongside the Soviets against the German occupiers of Poland. By July the Polish Government in exile, mindful that Poland was originally occupied by both the Germans and the Soviets, had declared Berling's army as a communist Polish division, subversive, and its author as a traitor, a deserter from the Polish Army.

In October 1943 the division was committed to its first combat, to lead the center advance of 33rd Army north of the town of Lenino. Facing them were the German 337. Infanterie-Division, now longstanding veterans of the Eastern Front.

A plan of joint operations has been formulated, the Polish division will spearhead the assault supported by two Soviet divisions. A creeping barrage beforehand will paradise the defenses and, though the marsh ground is totally unsuitable for tanks, the force of the infantry will overwhelm the defenders.

However it has been decided that, before this paralysing barrage and attack of overwhelming force begins,1st Battalion of the 1st Regiment should advance alone and conduct a reconnaissance in force.

Good Luck.

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1st Tadeusz Kościuszko Infantry Division
The uniform is based on the Soviet Uniform, but there are some Polish distinctions. A separate thread will look at these distinctions, and how to achieve them.

German 337. Infanterie-Division
This is a good old standard Heer Infanterie Division. Uniforms should be Heer (no SS or FJ) and any applicable mix fitting for the veterans of the eastern front. I like field grey, it looks the bees knees.

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