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[Sticky] What’s expected at ‘Behind the line’

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What’s expected at ‘Behind the line’

Right guys, this events focus is all about the role-play and story unfolding. Try to give yourself a name and think up some background (none of this is essential). Dying is very bad and means you may be out of the scenario for 30mins so the emphasis is staying alive. Although this is a combat orientated scenario, there will be a lot of recce and recording information for the commanders to make decisions. Radios will be very scarce and communication will be done through runners as much as wireless.

Friday night will be the only joint social (unless the weather is very bad)

9.30am briefing
10.00am both sides will go to their HQs and set up their camps and OPs in the field. After that both sides will get issued their orders and begin.
There is NO stop until 12pm Sunday.

Night Mission
There will be night time objectives for both sides to complete (glow sticks will be issued for dead players to use) that will go on NO later than 10pm. Both sides will be on stand down and all weapons must GO SAFE.

6am Goggles on until endex at 12pm.

You will need ‘Warm’ ww2 winter clothing and winter sleeping gear; both sides will have an HQ tent and a water supply. Fires are fine in controlled fire pits and we will supply dry wood for burning.
This is a self catering event so you will need to supply all your food and water for the weekend. The HQ for the Germans will be the other side of the site and we will take all the gear over in the ranger.

To get the most out of this game, just let it happen and live it. Guys that don’t want to play the 14hours or are staying off site, we ask if they could stay in game until 10pm and make sure they are at their HQ for 6am on the Sunday.

Events rules will get posted up soon.

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