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[Sticky] Iron Eagle – ‘Behind the line’ July 6-7, GMA Herts

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Filmsim Ltd presents Iron Eagle – ‘Behind the line’
July 6-7 2013
Only £65 (£50 Sat only) with a £25 deposit via paypal - make sure you put your real name and which side your booking on too)
GMA Herts
An Eastern front weekend with Russian vs German. If you have NO or partial kit, we have 20 sets of FREE rental uniform for both sides.
Army Group North – Raseiniai

22 June 1941
Phase 1 of Hitler's great plan for Russia is in full swing. The battle Minsk rages on and the Russian armies are seen to be in disarray, unprepared and pushed into withdrawal on every front.

Army Group North's 4th Panzer Group have exceeded in their task to spearhead a forked advance and have crossed the Neman and Daugava rivers, key bridges remain intact and the road to Leningrad open. The fall of power in Northern Russia is in the balance.
Also German bombers have destroyed signals and communications towers, naval bases, and in particular the Russian aerodromes, in which nearly 4000 aircraft have been knocked out across the whole front. Hitler's war can now enjoy air supremacy for the time being and the blitzkrieg continues.

A valiant attempt by Colonel General Kutznetsov and his 3rd and 12th mechanized corps supported by a vast array if mixed soviet ground troops have prepared a counter attack to try and cut off the 4th panzer advance. Unknown to Kutznetsov, the brilliant Mansteins LVI Panzer Corps has taken the bridge at Dubysa, the 3rd river and line of defense and seized the vital Ariogala road viaduct.

23 June 1941
Our battle has seen the clash of the Russians 3rd and 12th against the well seasoned and decorated XLI Panzer Corps just outside of Raseiniai, which has proved fatal to the Russians due to the combination of awesome strikes from the Luftwaffa and the deadly firepower of the German panzers.

Now 300 men of the 3rd mechanized corps have fled to the suburbs of Raseiniai and have dug in, creating traps and devices to slow down the advance. Every man knows his duty and this will have only one final outcome.

Due to the small and tight roads, General Reinhardt has ordered the pursuit and extermination of these troops and has sent in 500 men to clear them out and destroy any obstacles they may have fashioned. For these 300 men, its death for the Motherland, for the German armee, it's a lesson to the Russian's you cannot hide from the storm.

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as i try to get some of us to embrace the Russian way :P will there be a Saturday only rate as none of can do weekenders if not , no problem sorts that out lol

Posted : 14/03/2013 11:40 am

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Ive just added a 1 day only option but the camping is still free for both days if guys want to join the social.

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