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This forum has been running since 2006, serving the UK WW2 airsoft community and providing information across the world.

However, the continuing decline in interest in the genre has been reflected in the use of this forum - there are still many visits from guests reading the website and forums but the number of members posting has now dropped to almost zero. Most remarkable is the minimal use of the Sale/Wanted section, which accurately reflects the state of the genre - what was once vibrant is now moribund. The 1,800 registered members now seem to have moved on to other things and new registrants are minimal.

As a consequence all forum sections except one have now been set to 'read only' and will remain for information only (the answer to everything still remains within!). The 'WW2 Airsoft Events' section is still open for registered members interaction, in the hope that a few players attending games can keep the genre alive.

Candlestick Maker - 6/7 December 2014

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