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We're currently organising a CBI theatre game, set for Saturday the 14th of August at Cool Under Fire at Doddington in North Kent. The site is very friendly, and regularly runs WW2 skirmishes. The site staff are assisting in the planning and operation of this game.
In 1944, the Imperial Japanese Army reached its furthest north, attacking British forces in north eastern India. The British withdrew from untenable positions further south in the Burmese Jungle to the Imphal plains, where their superior armour, air support and firepower could inflict the most damage on the advancing Japanese forces.
Despite encirclement by the Japanese, the British forces held fast and repelled the Japanese in the largest defeat of the IJA in the war.
The Chindit operations, conducted in 1943 through 44, were long range penetration raids into Japanese held territory to the south, deigned to disrupt and destroy as many Japanese assets as possible.
The day will consist of several day games, followed by a long dinner and a few night games.
The games will be themed along the pivotal battles for Imphal and Kohima, and also the Chindit operations further south.
Players should aim to arrive between 11 and 12, to start playing at 12.30 pm.
Gaming should end between 10 and 12 pm at night.
Prices are:
£25.00 for the day.
Dinner and overnight camping are included. The site has full toilet and fresh water facilities. Camping can be in tents, or the large hangar used as the safe zone.
The day is completely non-profit, and the money will go on food, pyrotechnics and site rental.
Airsoft mortars will be in use on both sides, and will be operated by players (included in price).
We are not asking for a deposit, although if players who are coming could please contact me by email or PM, that would be great as I need to keep track of who's coming for the purpose of food and balacing sides.
We will not let this degenerate into 20 allied players blasting 3 Japanese players all day long. A slight imbalance will be allowed, but we'll be using special rules to try and compensate as much as possible.
Imperial Japanese Army
Azad Hind (Indian national army)
Royal Thai army
Burma national army

British Indian Army
Merrill's Marauders (not directly involved in the battle, but welcome anyway)

Uniforms and weapons must conform to "filmsim" standards. We are well aware that few people have Pacific theatre uniforms, especially Japanese. We've made the Axis price slightly lower as a result. Therefore, we're very lax about weapons and uniforms. In-depth "counts as" guides will be published shortly.
We're also planning to have some stand-in Japanese uniforms available for rental, all you'll need to bring will be a pair of trousers, a leather belt and a weapon. Please let me know if you're coming and wish to rent a uniform.
Authentic and replica uniforms from both sides are, of course, more than welcome.

Weapons wise, the Japanese made extensive use of captured weapons. Japanese players are therefore welcome to use captured thompsons, Garands etc.

German weapons, except for bolt action rifles, are strongly discouraged, as very few of them were used in the East.

Modern weapons are not allowed except in specific cases. Please contact me if you need to bring a modern or German weapon.

Ammunition will not be restricted, except in certain games, however only a set number of people per side (designated submachine and machine gunners) will be allowed to fire fully automatic. Machine guns can only fire fully automatically when deployed on a bipod, but submachine gunners may fire as they like. Hi-caps are strongly discouraged.

We'd also like to see plenty of people with bolt action rifles, especially on the Japanese side for sniping.

We strongly encourage players to come and play on the Japanese side; there are a lot of myths surrounding the Imperial Japanese Army and its equipment, many of which are not true, and this is a fine chance to play something very different to the usual Germans or Americans.

The allies, however, will not be neglected, and likewise we'll do our best to capture the feel of fighting a unique and alien enemy.

As far as i'm aware, a CBI game hasn't yet been attempted before in this country. It's an ambitous game, and we'll do everything possible to capture the look and feel of fighting in the far east, and make the game as enjoyable as possible.

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I'll be at war and peace until sunday evening, so if nothing changes here and you can't get hold of me, that's why.

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