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Japanese and British uniform and weapons guides + discussion

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British Uniform and Weapons guide

Olive Green GS shirt
OG Lightweight trousers
Slouch hat - try ebay for these "Bush Hat" or "Australian Hat" are handy searches. Essentially what you want is a khaki wide brimmed hat, pinned up on one side if required.
Pattern 37 webbing. (pattern 58 or 44 may be subsituted if required)
Mk II helmet

Weapons (Not comprehensive):
Sten gun
Any old style bolt action rifle
M1 garand
M1 carbine
Bren gun
old style pump-action shotguns.
Also any captured enemy weapons.
American weapons.

Scrimmed up german weapons (except Mp-44)
Heavily scrimmed modern SMG's

Modern assault rifles
anything covered in RIS rails
Modern Bullpup weapons
Optics and aiming devices, with the exception of sniper rifles.
I reccomend ebay and militaria shows as a source for this kit. War and peace is two weeks before hand, and i'll be there, so it'll be a great place to pick the relevant bits up at bargain prices.

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Japanese Uniform aand Weapon's guide:

Please remember that there will be rental kit available for IJA players, and that German weapons, scrimmed up if possible, are acceptable. For those players who have played Vietcong in the past, the green or tan NVA uniforms, minus chest rigs, are perfect as the cut is nearly identical.

Main Japanese section, including weapons and uniform guide:
Next, Japanese Tropical Uniform:

Shirt: Short sleeved pale green or tan shirt. Shirt sleeve order is fine too. Preferably no epaulettes.
Trousers: Any plain tan or pale green trousers, preferably minus side pockets.
Feet: Boots (preferably brown) or "Tabi" (split toed Japanese plimsolls). Normal black plimsolls acceptable as well. Puttees or gaiters over the footwear, preferably puttees
Headgear: Japanese field cap (any type allowed), Netted and camoed Mk. IV steel helmet, or Japanese headband (Hachimaki) with rising sun motif. Old bedsheets are good for these!
Webbing: Easiest option is a pattern 37 respirator case slung over one shoulder for spare magazines etc, and a pattern 37 canteen slung over the other shoulder. Use P37 webbing straps, or any tan webbing straps for this. This forms two "X"'s, one at the back and one at the front. Hold the assembly down with a brown leather or rubberised canvas belt.
Another option is just the brown leather belt with ammuniton pouches attached.
Accesories: Plastic or rubber Samurai swords and bayonets.
Rank Insignia: very important - shold be attached as collar tabs, or just one above the right pocket on the shirt. They are very easy to make- I made mine from some red felt and an old yellow duster. Everyone wore them, and altough tiny they have a large effect on getting the right "look" with Japanese kit:

Any Japanese weapons (WW2)
Captured enemy WW2 weapons
Plastic samurai swords!
Any old bolt action rifle
Any side feeding SMG

Scrimmed up German weapons
Scrimmed Modern SMG's (especially wood stocked UZI's and Mp5's)
Minimi - especially on tripod - good/useful stand in for type 92 HMG. Use with M16 magazines.

Modern assault rifles
anything covered in RIS rails
Modern Bullpup weapons
Optics and aiming devices, with the exception of sniper rifles and LMG's.
As you can see, Japanese kit is very flexible. Please PM if you have any questions.
Ebay is a good source, as is the War and Peace show. Ebay is especially good for the short sleeved shirts - the one shown above was a cheap khaki civilian shirt; the cut and colour are very close to the original IJA shirts.
A few useful links: ... K:MEWAX:IT ... K:MEWAX:IT

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