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See the links below for information on insignia on airborne jeeps.
The M number seems to typically be blue. They are in series issued to vehicles. If you have no info M5****** and correct number of digits would be OK.
All the transported jeeps had the airborne adaptions so they would fit into a glider. The vehicles in the seaborne tail of the division did not have the adaptions but they did not reach combat areas until fighting was over. ... ncils.aspx ... hicle.html

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yup airborne jeeps look quite different in a lot of ways as they were hacked up to save weight and fit in the glider.

No ones going to give a toss for the purposes of a private battle but expect 'know it all' nit picking if you take it to a living history show from someone with no jeep but a lot of books who will delight in telling you how 'wrong' you are :)

Colour scheme also varies depending on division and battle. Most were plain green, 6th airbornes vehicles for Normandy had some (some think most) with 'micky mouse' ears black camo on the underside. Most (some say all) of those sent to Arnhem later in the year were plain green.

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