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Howdie guys and gals

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with placing a photo

I'm trying to find out exactly when and where the famous picture of Michael Wittmann, sitting astride the barrel of his Tiger 1, was taken. This is the photo:

If you can help, please let me know and let me know, as well, the source of your information

Much appreciated


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Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-299-1802-08
Nordfrankreich, Michael Wittmann auf Panzer VI
Northern France, Beauvais? He has no swords to his Knights cross which were awarded Mid June '44 after the Villers-Bocage action.
So sometime between June and July '44. They were only in Beauvais until around the 6th June when they started to move into Normandy.
So my best guess is 1st week in June 1944.
If you count Normandy as 'Nordfrankreich' then you add two weeks to the possible time frame.
Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101 didn't get to Beauvais until 1st June and the award was made 22nd June. How soon he got the swords to wear, who can say.
Thats the best I can do with 10 minutes of google.

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Hey Poacher

Thanks for the reference, and thanks for shaming me into realising that I could have found that out myself just as easily, and ought to have done :oops: :slap:

As a history teacher, and WW2 German enthusiast, I really ought to have looked up Das Bundersarchiv myself a long time before now! My firm thinking now is that the photo was taken in May 1944, by a photographer named Scheck, part of the WH propaganda/correspondence unit

Two other pictures, obviously taken at the same location and also in the archive, are dated:

I wanted to know because I am putting together a toy soldier diorama, the centre piece of which will be MW on his tank, with his crew, being photographed for that very picture and I wanted to make sure the scene was fairly accurate. Clearly, it was taken in Northern France, shortly before the VB battle which won him yet another promotion and the swords to his Ritterkreuz!

Thanks again for your help :good:


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