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Appraisal/Valuation on my US Paratrooper Gear

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After a long hard think, two and a half years of zero use and intermittent nagging I've decided to ask the members here what my kit would be worth to sell. I greatly value the opinions on here and have asked permission beforehand.
Firstly the pics:

Kit list:
EM (Epic Militaria) M42 reenforced Jump Suit (40-42 Medium Regular)
EM Garand Belt
EM Suspenders
EM Mussette Bag
EM Demolitions Bag (with repro Demolitions kit)
SoF Felt shoulder pads
EM Corcoran Jump Boots (size 10)
Repro Utility Rope
M3 Trench Knife in M6 Scabbard (Rubber knife for Airsoft + Repro Steel knife for reenactment)
EM Canteen Pouch and Canteen
Repro M1C Helmet (D-Bales, Westinghouse buckles, correct liner, correct net, all straps and para chincup) *NOT PICTURED but as new!

Original 1944 marked 1911 pistol belt holster in excellent condition
Original 1943 marked BAR Belt (tan)

Can anyone please let me know their worth on the resale market. I appreciate the help.

Posted : 13/08/2013 10:30 am