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[Sticky] Grafton Park Special Training Centre - overview

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Welcome to Comrades in Arms training weekend "Grafton Park Special Training Centre". This event will run from noon Saturday 2nd to noon Sunday 3rd March at Close Action's large Grafton Park site near Kettering, Northamptonshire - nice and central for the convenience of travelling players. This will allow us to get some quality training under our belts as well plenty of time to put what we have learned into practice in battle simulations and exercises plus have the benefit of unrushed travelling to site on Saturday morning and from site Sunday afternoon.

The will be as exciting and challenging as a normal day event, but with the opportunity to learn more about the tactics and techniques of infantry warfare. Training weekends offer a relaxed and stress-free way to explore new ideas, build on old skills, try out new kit and build a team spirit. If you haven't got stuck in before or perhaps felt on the periphery of WW2 airsoft games then here is the chance to get to know your comrades and them get to know you too. We will be having a convivial social on Saturday evening to relax and unwind, always a pleasure to get away from work and family once in a while! An early evening exercise is planned so that is something new and different to the norm.

This event is a WW2 Airsoft community event. That is to say it is organised by a small group of players who have given up their time to make something happen. The key component is you, the WW2 airsoft player. Your contribution both in sharing the costs of running the event and giving up your own time is contributing to the experience of your fellow players. You are not paying to be entertained for a weekend and you don't have a right to play as you please (off-piste, cheating, win-at-all-costs etc). There are no marshals, there is no need, no one wants to let their fellow players down and we are responsible for not just ourselves but others too.

Comrades in Arms events are not airsoft skirmishes, quite the opposite. Within the bounds of a fun and safe weekend they are concerned with getting into the mindset of a WW2 soldier - getting frustrated, disillusioned, exhilarated and elated in equal measure. Winning or losing each have a fascination, each brings its own slant to the experience. Following orders and objectives, keeping alive, looking after your comrades are very much to the fore. It is the experience to remember that we are looking for - something to look back on and say, "wow, that was amazing". It's a shared experience and it only happens if we are all working together - welcome to Comrades in Arms.

Posted : 08/01/2013 9:17 pm