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Last minute joining instructions.

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As we will be out and about from noon saturday until after dusk, and on sunday from breakfast until noon, please bring with you a means to carry with you a brew kit and some snacks and some comfort items. I don't want to have to trudge back to the safezone in order for people to get a hot drink, as it breaks things up too much.

In your bag/rucksack, please have the following (if you have them). (Please refer to the kit list for a more specific list of working kit).

Brew kit and means to heat water.
Waterproof and cold weather kit.

Make sure that you have spare ammo, batteries and gas (whatever applies to your personal weapon). We aren't being all that "shooty" but, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

We will stash kit at each module, so, you won't be humping packs about all day, just between modules.

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Posted : 01/03/2013 2:41 pm