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What a site!

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Hi guys

With only a couple of weeks to go I just wanted to post following our site visit today.

This site is great, it's pretty large and has some really good features. There's a large communal area in the middle of the site with a flat grassy area that will be really useful for camping and even has a number of picnic benches!

We put together a really interesting itinerary which Heide will be running and I think people who come along to this will get a lot out of it and will find that their experience in WW2 airsoft is improved.

Added to that, we're in the final stages of confirming the use of the site for a larger scale event later in the year (and in warmer summer months!) so this would be a great opportunity to gain some valuable skills and some experience of the brilliant diversity of the site in preparation for that.

If you're interested in coming along, please do book as soon as possible so that we can plan the content fully. Ideally we'd like 10 people at this, but a few more or less will still make it worth attending.


Posted : 17/02/2013 6:44 pm
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Sorry I havent booked on and paid funds yet, this being due to my main client moving from 30 to 90 days payment terms :evil:

However just in case your worrying about numbers I thought I will confirm that I am definately coming and hopefully will have funds soon :good:

Posted : 17/02/2013 8:08 pm