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Tunic cleaning

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Colonel Tigh117
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Hi all,

Just a general care question really,

After a rather rainy/muddy day skirmishing, i have decided it might be time to clean my tunic trousers, as they look like a mule has dragged them through the Russian front in winter .

However after hearing some horror stories about washing wool im a little hesitant as i dont want to ruin the uniform,

So any advice is welcome, how do you fellow soldats wash your woolen stuff

Many thanks


Posted : 30/07/2015 9:31 am
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In 5 yrs of playing I never have!

I read once a post on here by a 'seasoned' player who suggested to never wash your kit, but just brush off any dried mud/dirt in order to make it look more worn and authentic - and to be honest, with field grey it doesnt look to bad - just my approach, but it seems to work for me :good:

Posted : 30/07/2015 9:37 am
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I'm pretty certain repro kit isn't wool as such (and definitely not pre-shrunk wool of pukka kit). Although if you are to wash them I'd treat them as if they are wool - tepid to warm water and dreft-type washing flakes and do it by hand. Dry flat and in-shape like you would with an expensive sweater.

But I agree with Mr Wheels, I never washed any battledress. Hang to dry as soon as you can (don't leave screwed up in a plastic bag for weeks!) and loose mud will either fall off or can be beaten off when dry. What remains is what marks you out from a noob. :lol:

Posted : 30/07/2015 10:54 am
Colonel Tigh117
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I do like the fact the tunic looks more worn, and i probably wouldn't of been all that fussed about washing it,

but, due to the heavy rain last weekend i have these rather odd brown marks on the rear of the tunic now, looks to be from the y straps, i didn't think there would be a reason for them to run but the evidence is there.

i guess the marks might fade in time but figured washing would be the quicker way to be rid of them.

Posted : 30/07/2015 11:57 am
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It's your choice, but I've never washed any tunic or BD since I started this caper. I just hang them on the line for a good airing. If there are marks you don't like (e.g. I can't stand chalk marks), take a brush to them. Unless it's a parade / dress uniform, it is supposed to get worn and dirty - newbies are always asking how to rough up their uniform! :wink:

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Posted : 30/07/2015 12:32 pm
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I hand them to the mrs...... buy flowers..... run like hell!

Joking aside: It depends on a lot. If in doubt: Dont do it.

1. Hanging out ASAP to air out and then brushing works very well.
2. If that is not working.... The safe option is to take them to the dry cleaner and they will be able to tell you what cleaning method will work. Some Serge/Wool is pre-heat treated, some is not...... The dry cleaner will be able to tell you. They dry clean Serge for me sometimes and its expensive but the best you can get.
3. Failing the above....... cold hand wash with biological washing powder.....
4. If your brave.... luke warm machine wash..... but I never have.... as it can shrink and i am getting fatter!

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Posted : 31/07/2015 9:19 am
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As above, hang to dry out thoroughly and then take a stiff brush to any bits you don't like (such as chalk).

The only uinform items I've ever washed have been KD, cotton shirts and 1970s British cotton lightweights.


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Posted : 01/08/2015 5:00 pm