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[Sticky] The German players

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You are all German officers - SS and Heer army, U-Boat Commanders, Luftwaffe Pilots. But while officers were allowed to wear uniforms in camp clearly they wouldn't make great escape outfits! They are trapped in a small island and need to appear inconspicuous as far as possible. There was also standard issue PoW clothing which was black-dyed British battledress. Camp facilities were generous and PoWs had access to material, sewing machines, pens, pencils and paper.

So, your attire will be 'civilian' and you can be as imaginative as you like. Wool trousers were commonplace so German uniform wool trousers would be OK. Issue shirts of any nationality would be great. There is even a legitimate excuse to wear a RAF/U-Boat commander polo neck sweater - or any other service jumper. In short, anything you have to hand - donkey jackets, waistcoats - you name it.
For practical reasons we ask that you wear footwear suitable for running around in a wood - so any WW2 footwear is fine - if you don't have any then modern look-alikes is acceptable.

Clearly you don't have access to firearms in a POW camp (and the recreational workshop isn't well enough equipped to make one!) so you will be escaping with the clothes you are wearing and perhaps a suitcase or somesuch. From game-on to endex there is 24 hours(if you survive to the end) where you are living on your wits. You are not wandering about aimlessly - there are objectives to fulfil, rendezvous to make, caches to recover, friendlies to find and so on. If you feel it is necessary then you may even be able to recover some weaponry.

If you are caught then you can give yourself up, you could try to leg it or you could even try to blag it and talk yourself out of a nasty situation. You might have prepared papers, you might be a Polish farmhand, you might have an assignation with some crumpet in the woods (did they have doggers in 1945?) and the whole country is full of civilians remember, you won't be shot outright unless you do something very stupid. You will have to be convincing - you will be escorted back to search headquarters and answer to the local policeman or army captain.

So, what about eating/sleeping? Well, your bergan/dry bag of eating/sleeping gear will be removed from you at the start of the game and will be cached so you will need to find that before the end of the day. You will need to escape with and carry sufficient water and nibbles to keep you going until then. There will be water available at rendezvous. There are buildings of one sort or another on site, if you can find them, to give some shelter - otherwise you can make your own shelter. You won't be sleeping in ditches (unless you want to) but you won't be sleeping in comfy tents like the British.

If you are caught then I'm afraid you will be shipped off to a more secure POW camp elsewhere and your game is up. As a German, that is. You will then join the British side as a Home Guard for the rest of the weekend.
As it is possible you will be captured before Saturday nightfall you must have made arrangements for sleeping and eating in the British camp - it WILL NOT be possible to recover ANY of your German cached equipment until endex, so please bear this in mind.

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