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[Sticky] Times and dates - 1/2/3 August 2014

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This event will run from noon 2nd August to noon 3rd August.
This will allow plenty of time for travelling Saturday morning and allow most to be home by teatime on Sunday.

The gate will be locked at 11am Saturday morning - we do not have staff to hang about at the gate for latecomers and in any case, an hour is the minimum you need to get yourself ready for a game without rushing or getting stressed.
All players will leave the site on Sunday after endex and not before - we can't be running back and forth to the gate.

If you wish, you can come up on Friday evening, have a nice social evening (player groups will be separated on Saturday night remember) and a civilised breakfast in the morning with a casual and unstressed preparation prior to game-on.

Topic starter Posted : 01/04/2014 7:46 pm