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[Sticky] Monte Cassino Booking Thread

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I am now taking bookings for this event

Game fee is £25, payable in advance. PayPal "gifts" to craig (at) thegoodgeneral (dot) f9 (dot) co (dot) uk are preferred. Please PM me if you want to pay by cheque / money order / book tokens etc.
Please include you real name, forum name and which side you want to play.

30 places will be initially open, with more available later (providing we can keep the sides balanced)
Game fees are non-refundable but your place may be transferred.

Camping is available on the Saturday before the game. All players need to be on-site by 09:00 on Sunday 16th (May). The site location is 'The Ex Site, Maeshafen near Mold in North Wales, CH74DY.

There will be an open day at the site on the Saturday for those who wish to partake in more activity on their trip to Wales. Interested parties can speak to 'Taffyjohn', on this forum, directly about attending the Saturday game.

The minimum player age for this game is 12, those under 18 will need to be accompanied by a suitably mature adult.

The site limit for 0.2g 6mm bbs is 350 for a.e.g., 400 for support gun and 500 for bolt action rifles with a minimum engagement range.

'Confucius say: WWII airsoft gaming is like a sewer. You only get out of it what you put into it. Please try to keep your kit and weapons as authentic as possible and remember that this is a themed WWII event, not an open day blatfest.''*

*Hopefully Steiner will not mind me totally ripping of the Alsos booking intro, but I liked the cut of its jib, and imitation is the greatest form of flattery.



Dean Armistead (Lipton)

1: Danny Beever
2: Steve Davies (Steve D)
3: Gavin Compton (Peppered)
4: Bob Kynaston (Bobby K)
5: Paul Saunders (Wraith666)
6: Mad Ozzie
7: McVerner
8: Sean Straw (Seanebabes)
9: Pinkpanzer - FJ
10: Marsha
11: Guy Siddle (Seidler) - FJ
12: Richard Cartwright (mi-go-a-go-go)
13: Dan Hughes
14: Scot Crumbal
15: Richard Vaughan (Lardassmonkey) - FJ
16 Rob Kay


Craig Armistead (Wladek)

1: David Mindham (Horus)
2: Richard Heath (Yith)
3: Ranjit Philora (CHThree)
4: Gadge
5: Evo
6: Nigel Cheetham (scaleyback)
7: Simon Ward (Fremsley)
8: Barrie (BarrieandAnne)
9: Anne (BarrieandAnne)
10: Sandy Logan (Stof)
11: Scott MacKenzie
12: Nigel Kerr (Odball)
13: David Pratt (Chomley Warner)
14: Pete Dunn (Sgt Heidi)
15: Stu Dunn (Mr Slippy Fist)
16 Drew Moloney
17 Pete Grice (Pete59)

Event Banner

Here is the code for the event banner, for those who wish to use it.

Posted : 04/01/2010 11:11 am
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Bookings extended to 18 per side

Posted : 27/04/2010 8:39 pm
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Can you book in Rob Kay (German)
Drew Moloney (Polish)

Both might need some kit :)

Is it coz I is Welsh

Welsh and proud

Your all fekin bonkers

Posted : 28/04/2010 12:03 pm