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[Sticky] Uniform Requirements

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The Commandos and Special Service Brigade troops were drawn as volunteers from all services. As such there is a huge leeway in acceptable kit. Virtually any variation of NWE Brit clobber is acceptable

37 or 40 Pat wool or denim BD. Unbadged or badged as 2 Commando
37 Pat Webbing
MkII Helmet

47 Pat BD
Denison Smock (not seen at St. Nazaire but we’ll allow it)
Cap comforter


The defending forces were a mixed bag and consisted of troops from the Kriegsmarine Infanterie (which is something of a tall order for a one-off event), Coastal Defence troops who wore feldgrau wool or hbt but with gold KM buckles, breast eagles, tresse, litzen and old fashioned mitred-end shoulderboards, as well as a garrison of regular Heer infantry. There were also a number of U-Boot and ships crew on shore leave. No Waffen SS.

Any Allied or Axis weapons acceptable (only bring STG44s or PPSh if you have absolutely nothing else). The demolitions teams will only carry pistols so choose something that works.

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