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[Sticky] Kit Guide: The Fallschirmjäger

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Whilst we put all these together, why not enjoy lots of Pictures of the FJ in Holland? You know you want to. [link][/link]

Topic starter Posted : 30/01/2014 5:04 pm
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Whilst we are waiting on the weather for a picture, here is some handy text talking about a Fallschirmjäger Early War impression, from renowned German stuff expert Steiner, for you to peruse.

The Fallschirmjäger early war look was the green smock. Splinter smocks were rare even in Crete (which is 41, so even later than our setting).
Pre-'41, no helmet covers or nets were seen. The best helmet camouflage was a smearing of mud! As with the Heer, the shield decal would probably be scratched off, leaving just the Luftwaffe eagle.
Boots would typically be the side-laced ones.
The bandolier was used instead of the K98 pouches (seen in later ground-based FJ units).
Black or brown leatherware is fine.
The gasmask pouch (not the tin) should be worn.

Firstly on boots, again do not worry for we are not demanding the side laced boots and later look-a-like BCH boots are fine. Likewise I know there is an early pattern green smock, and an early early pattern one (something to do with zips or pockets. I was paying attention, honest) but either will be fine for our purposes. The iconic look of the FJ is the green smock, and un-camo-ed-ness, that's the look we are shooting for.

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