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[Sticky] Operation Copenhagen: Scenario and Basic Info

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Early in the Phoney War allied military involvement in Finland was being considered. From these discussions a joint venture was embarked on by members of MI2, Britain's intelligence department dealing with Scandinavia and Russia; the Deuxième Bureau, France's foreign military intelligence agency; and “Dwójka", Sekcja II, Poland's foreign intelligence section.
This joint allied venture was soon to expand to include elements of all allied nationalities, but it maintained its name from these first days under the auspices of the three intelligence agencies: The 222.

The primary purpose of this venture was morale and propaganda. They controlled a unit of soldiers drawn from all allied units. Maintaining their dress and regimental affiliations these soldiers were committed in groups to the European theater, either on the front line or in occupied territory. Being under the command of the intelligence community their missions were rarely as straightforward as they first appeared, however their brief was originally to deliver a simple message by their presence – we are still fighting together, and you are not alone or forgotten.

But they were all of them betrayed. The Abwehr is not an organisation to be forgotten lightly and, as has became increasingly apparent, somewhere in this unit's command structure there is an infiltrator, and the Abwehr, in conjunction with the Servizio Informazione Militari, has decided to deploy their own counter measures.

This infiltration became apparent after the events of late June, 1940, where a small allied company was deployed to southern France, and found itself pitted against an enemy that was always one step ahead of it.

It is during these chaotic early days of Vichy France that we find ourselves, as two forces engage in a complex, and completely private, little war. Afterwars referred to simply as "The Copenhagen incident".

The game will be fought with limited ammo, issued by your command, and is intended to immerse players in the atmosphere and setting, within a fictional scenario. The game play will be focused on story, objectives and tactics, not on shooting or modeling. It is not a front line battle of attrition, but nor is it a 'special forces raid'. It is about small unit fighting, and immersion for all in a story, a place, and a period of history.

To be held at Grange Farm Airsoft, Leicester
There will be camping and a social on Friday evening.

£20 per player

We have reduced the costs as much as possible for this game as we understand that Early War is an era for which some people may not be able 'use their kit'. The cost of these games will always remain low to enable people to attend.

This a Rifles only event.
Only rifles may be used at this event. We will allow semi automatic rifles, but only if used with small amounts of ammo in magazines (8-12). The allowence of semi-automatics is so people can participate if they have only got one and we do not want them to be the 'better choice of weapon'.
We prefer rifles that are firing at 350fps, as it reduces their 'sniper-yness' and makes for a much more free flowing game.

Each side will also be allowed to have a deployable Machine Gun, as these add an interesting further dynamic to the game. If anyone wishes to 'bring one' (either for them to use all event, or if they are happy/prefer to have the burden shared) that that is perfectly fine, just let me know when you are booking on.


The unit is composed of members of all allied nations, their only individual qualifications required is that they speak English – the operation language of the unit.
All nations maintain their original national uniforms, so any early war uniform from among the allies is perfectly acceptable. A more complete guide to Early War Uniforms, how to achieve them, and what will/will not be allowed will follow in its own section.

At this moment in time the allies are
Britain, including the Commonwealth

The axis force is likewise a multinational one, although they have far less nations involved at this point, in fact for a few months there will only be Italy and Germany. The Axis forces contain Heer, Luftwaffe, Gebirgsjaeger and Italian troops. So any early war uniform from among the axis is perfectly acceptable.
There are no SS or Blackshirts allowed – in both countries the fascist parties maintained their own intelligence services separate to the national military ones, and any such characters will be featured as part of our story, not as general playable troops.

Our game will also feature civilians. These will be, in this instance, the people of Southern France which will always have an integral part in our stories. Most period civilian clothing will be allowed but we do wish to point out (I find myself stealing from Army Group South again) that a civilian 'look' can be as hard to put together, and require as much research, as a military one, please do not put on a donkey jacket with a stripy shirt and string of onions.
In fact type “Haworth French Resistance” into a google image search and do not look like what you see.
As with our guides to the Early War uniforms, there will also be a guide for civilians being put up too.

We will be walking as line between precession and ease of participation, so we can create the look at feel of the period of the war, without necessarily enforcing the the more pedantic levels (of course we do encourage as much pedanticism as is possible on a personal level).
For example Field Grey trousers are perfectly acceptable instead of the iconic Steingrau of early uniforms, but the side cap should be worn instead of the peaked cap (GJ are obviously an exception, they is all different and stuff). We will allow a reasonable counts as system as well. For example a polish 4 pocket tunic would easily pass as a Romanian tunic with the right accoutrement (yes, of course the Romanians will get involved eventually). Although all such ideas should be discussed with us – do not hold out hope of us thinking Modern Dress No2s will pass muster.

The Primary Mission statement
When it comes to the Early War we decided on one main principle – what is listed above will ALWAYS be allowed.
Every year there will be at least one game where you can play a Dutchman in that Early War Dutch kit you have always wanted. That way people will not have to invest their time, and money, on something that will only ever get used once, it will always have a use, and indeed a special place in our hearts.

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