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Breakdown on way to game.

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Sorry me & Bob K could not get to the event, the car broke down on the way, we were 1/2 way there when it died, just off the M6 on the A500, looks like the ECU or somthing, the breakdown said with electrical problems quite often they don't try to fix them they just recover the car to the dealer / garage, got the car brought home as I don't trust garages, its only just had a mot, :evil:


Posted : 29/03/2009 11:27 am
Hstuf. Vorwärts
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Baaahhh, we had last year the same problem, we was on the half way to Beltring when some small electronic device (Lampda) decide to leave us... somewhere in Belgium, only with a car full of SS Uniforms and weapons.... a long way back to germany... :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Posted : 29/03/2009 11:50 am
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Bad luck guys. :(

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Posted : 29/03/2009 10:26 pm
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So Steve why did you try and sell me it last week then boyo :) :) :)

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Posted : 30/03/2009 10:17 am
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Sorry to hear about this Steve. You and Bob missed a corker of a game and you were missed by the German side.

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Posted : 30/03/2009 12:08 pm
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So Steve why did you try and sell me it last week then boyo :) :) :)

It was working ok last week, looks like its the "crank sensor" or somthing so it should be a easy fix hopefully, a mechanic is looking for the part as we speak :good:

I will get my revenge on the Allies at "Bloody Gulch" :twisted:

in the mean time I am deffecting to the good old US of A :rofl:


Posted : 30/03/2009 1:21 pm
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Really sorry to hear this, we did wonder where you'd got to!

Glad it sounds relatively straightforward though!

Posted : 30/03/2009 1:24 pm