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[Sticky] Uniform and Weapon Requirments

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Our rules for uniform and weapons are quite simple ..

Please no officer uniforms if you can help it unless you are a squad leader etc and everyone must wear headgear

Japanese - Any WW2 Japanese uniform , navy or infantry - hiki do a great range for some good prices and see below for a link for a easy look alike for those on a budget - headgear must be worn cap or helmet

US- Marine uniform would be ideal but we will except standard infanty - with marine headgear either a marine hbt cap or m1 helmet with cover :)

Weapons - Any ww2 Rifle or smg can be used and we also allow wooden stocked M14 , ww2 pistols are allowed to be carried but ammo comes out of you limits

Please note this is a lower Ammo limit game, though we wont stop SMGS we would prefer a nice healthy amount of rifles :) (rifles with low ammo mags or no mags ie kar98s mosins etc will be allowed to reload in the field when not under fire)

There are will be limited support weapons for this game - will be updated soon

we are happy for people to try there best to look the part and thats great but what we dont want is folks thinking they can just change there hat and use there russian loadout etc , any problems just ask we hope to have some loan kit if needed :)


NO real swords, knives or bayonets in game , though rubber /larp knives swords may be used

Japanese basic guide

new guide i found but may be listed allready lol

link to uniform and weapon guide etc

cheap Japanese cap search ... p&_sacat=0

Japanese cheap belt set - thought here are others on ebay ... SwEK9UD22D

Hiki Shop - has great selection of japanese gear and some marine but never seen the marine items

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Felix Dallas
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So a friend and i may be able to join the US forces on this one, depending on kit.

We both have full US Vietnam loadouts, from what i can see it's fairly similar to the pacific USMC kit. I'm sure there's a few small changes we could implement, boots, helmet cover etc. to make it work.

I have various WW2 weapons to fit in with the day.

Just wanted opinions to see if this might work.


Posted : 12/05/2016 2:50 pm
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sorry been out all day , nam hbts etc look spot on , and sure we can sort some webbing etc out , we not overly anal we just like to know who is who lol , sure we can sort it some how :)

Topic starter Posted : 12/05/2016 7:23 pm