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SEELOW HÖHEN Road to Berlin


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Road to Berlin

Airsoft Event
23rd January 2021

Red Alert Airsoft - RG7 6SX
April 1945, The vast Soviet armies are less than 50km away from Berlin. The three Soviet fronts are now pushing deeper into Germany, together they have 2,500,000 men, 6,250 tanks, 7,500 aircraft, 41,600 artillery pieces and mortars, 3,255 truck-mounted Katyusha rocket launchers and 95,383 motor vehicles. The defensive line on the Seelow Heights was the last major defensive line outside Berlin. It had to be defended.

In the early hours of April 16th, the offensive began with a massive bombardment by thousands of artillery pieces and Katyushas. The 1st Belorussian Front attacked across the Oder, it had the difficult assignment, facing the bulk of the German forces. The Germans are on the back foot, and are quickly overwhelmed by Soviet soldiers! The Soviets must break through this line to put them on the road to berlin!


• DELAY – The Wehrmacht must hold the line against the hordes of the Soviet Union

• ADVANCE – The Soviet Union, under Comrade Zhukov must break through the line!

Bookings & Cost

All German impressions will be acceptable along with all Soviet Impressions.

Ages 13-16 must be accompanied by a participating adult.
To book on please head to the Bookings page on our website; ... t-bookings, in order to pick a specialised role please let us know.
The first 10 people to book on and pay in full receive a gift pack!
• Single Day Event, 60 spaces - £45. £20 deposit to secure place, full payment upon signing in at event.
• Limited Sniper Roles (4 slots per side)
• Engineer Roles (Special Tasks, 4 Slots per side)

Rental Kits:
Rental kits will be available for this event in the following options:
• German Heer – Tunic, trousers, gaiters, webbing, helmet and gun.

*Price may vary depending on weapon:
• Standard weapons - £25 for the weekend
• Machine gun + Unlimited Ammunition - £35 for the weekend
• Sniper Rifle + Pistol - £35 for the weekend

Included in Cost:
• Site hire
• Camp Site (Can camp Saturday night if you wish)
• Insurance
• In game meal

Ration Cards:
No catering available, single day event

Covid-19 Measures:
Additional Measures have been added to the event to comply with Covid-19 Regulations:
• Hand Sanitiser at Spawn locations, HQ, and Safe Zone
• Medic Rules Adjusted (See Rules)
• Food will be prepared and served by designated crew members

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ELSENBORN RIDGE - Battle of the Bulge
Official Video -

Watch this and get booked on!!!!

Frontline Events Director &
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