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World at War 2023

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You will all be happy to know, we are planning the WaW (World at War) 2023. It is likely to be the first event after we re-open in September this year!

Like, share, re-post and tag your mates now! Show us your favourite WW2 kit! Show us how much you want it!

We need more than 100 players to make it worth the vehicles! Potential for Jeeps, Weasels, x3 Shermans, an M3 Halftrack, Sdkfz.251, Sdkfz.223, Le.ig.18 and more!

The Frontline Events - WW2 Community needs to grow to survive!

You should also know that we will also be running some unofficial skirmish games between March and September to keep you all playing in your favourite kits!

Posted : 04/01/2023 7:00 am
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Me and my mate are very excited to return to this, any updates at all on the WaW events this year? 🤞

Posted : 11/08/2023 11:18 pm