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[Sticky] Joining instructions for Projeckt Wotan.

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Right guys and gals. Here's the deal.

Andy (the Boss at UCAP) has kindly agreed that those traveling a fair distance may stay overnight on the 6th. You may arrive from 18:30 Hrs onwards. There will be no player access before this, as we are dressing the site to give it the ww2 flavour. I'll repeat that. Not before 18:30.

Directions to the site can be found here:

Kick off on Sunday will be at 09:30 on the dot for Andy's site safety briefing, then followed by the game briefing. If you are late, do not expect people to wait for you. You will be fed into the game at an appropriate time. Those not staying at the site, please be there for 09:00 so we can get you booked in. This will also give you plenty of time to get kitted up.

More information, for those staying overnight:

1: If you want brekkie in the morning, there's a decent snack wagon a couple of minutes drive along the hill.
2: Weapons-grade snoring is to be expected. Pack earplugs, or sleep in your car. Your choice!
3: If you are going off-site in the evening to get food, we'd advise *against* wearing uniforms if going down to Paulsgrove.
4: Treat the site, and its staff, with respect. It is only through people like Andy and his marshals that we get to use sites like this.

This thread is locked, as it is purely for information, not discussion.

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Posted : 22/09/2007 7:56 pm