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[Sticky] Projekt Wotan - Final player list

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This event will be held at UCAP's awesome underground CQB facility under Portsdown Hill, just north of Portsmouth in Hampshire, on the 7th October 2007.

Due to the nature of this event, numbers will be limited to 42 players - 21 Allied, and 21 German.

Please note as this is a European Theatre raid only NWE impressions/loadouts are suitable for this event.

As before we will run a booking list. But this time, as the numbers are limited, payment is due in full on booking.
Please make sure you can attend the event before booking, not showing on the day will not only deprive someone of a place but your game fee will be used towards CiA game running costs. Of course, all paid fees will be returned should the event not go ahead as planned.

The total price of this event will be £35. Please note that the cost of this event includes lunch.

Please send payments by PayPal to or PM Chomley-Warner for details of how to pay by post.

Info on web site:

Below is the "booked in" list. Names will ONLY be added upon payment - please use the other "booking thread" as an expression of interest



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